October 23, 2014

Four down ...

A million+ more to go!*

To the ends of the universe, my darling.

*Yes, we will live for a million+ years. Or at least ... our love will!**

**Yes, I know, we're gross.***

***Not back from my pause yet—Just had to pop in to publicly tell a certain someone happy anniversary.

October 02, 2014

Press pause

As you might have noticed during the past few months, I haven't been around these parts much.

I really miss it.

That said, I also need a little break to clear my head and do some rethinking. October is going to be a very busy month for me, for a variety of reasons, so I'll be taking time off from blogging here.

In case you need a fix of nerdy news while I'm away, check out:

Badass Digest | Comics Alliance | Fashion and Action | GeekTyrant | IFL Science | io9 | Joystiq | The Mary Sue

And, if you need a fix of me, you can always find me at Forever Young Adult or on social media, which you can access in the sidebar.

I promise this isn't goodbye.

Be good while I'm away!

October 01, 2014

October's quite magnetic

The tenth month of the year's feeling a bit sinister, but you know underneath those masks there are good hearts.

(If you'd like to download this page of the 2014 Man Calendar for personal use, just click on the image and it'll open in a new window. You can then right/control click and save it. Each page should print at 6"x9".)