August 25, 2014

Lusting After: Doctor Who edition

Happy Monday, friends! In honor of this past weekend's Doctor Who Series 8 premiere, I went on a little browser-shopping spree and found some great Doctor Who merch.

What did I find that's totally lust-worthy?

1 | A fun spin on Bad Wolf. (T-shirt)
2 | A way to show off your nerdy side as you get fit. (tank top)
3 | Pretty Who-welry. (crack necklace, pendant, locket)
4 | Bags that are bigger on the inside. (TARDIS purse, Dalek purse)
5 | An arty accessory. (scarf)
6 | The promise of adventurous dreams. (duvet set)

7 | A fantastic tech accessory. (decal)
8 | Warmth for the cosplayers. (10th coat, 11th coat)
9 | Awesome art. (I Believe, All of Time and Space, We're All Stories in the End)
4 | Time for tea. (infuser, teapot)

Have you run across anything on the web lately that makes your two hearts go a-pitter-patter?

P.S.—I'll be recapping each episode of the new series for Forever Young Adult, if you'd like to discuss! Here's my recap of "Deep Breath."


  1. I've seen the crack necklace before and I really like it. It's a simple enough design that I would wear something like that anyway, but it's like wearing a little secret geekiness.

  2. That multi-locket! Those overcoats! The duvet cover! Great finds. One of these days I'll get around to a Captain Jack rule 63 cosplay.

  3. I'm not a scarf person, but I adore that scarf! I saw it online last week and feel in love with it. Thinkgeek has an R2D2 kitchen timer out now and since my simple chicken timer is giving out, I'm pretty tempted to get it.

  4. That scarf is gorgeous! And that Adipose tank! Need it. I also wish I had $380 to throw around, because I would SO buy the 11th Doctor's coat.

  5. That Adipose shirt! Fantastic! Also, really love the tea infuser and pot.

  6. Thanks for featuring my Crack in Time necklace!

  7. That's why I designed it- it passes my sister test. If I can wear it around my judgmental sister without her commenting on it being nerdy, then it fits my subtle geekery requirements. :)