July 07, 2014

Recently Read: May and June 2014

I upped my game by two book during May and June, and read 15 books rather than 13. I also read a few books—and two Doctor Who short stories—over the long weekend, bringing my read total up to 48 for the year. According to Goodreads, I'm three books behind schedule if I'm going to read 100 by the time 2015 starts, but I think I can make it up!

Below are the books I read in May and June. My favorites? Ruin and Rising—the last in the excellent Grisha series—The Bone Season, Free to Fall and The Falconer. Poison Princess was also surprisingly entertaining, but definitely a guilty pleasure read.

Out of the 15 read, I reviewed 12 for FYA. If you'd like to read my reviews, you can do so by clicking on these links:

The Falconer
Free to Fall
The Almost Girl
The Collector
Poison Princess
The Murder Complex
The Bone Season
Wanted: Dead or in Love
Ruin and Rising

P.S.—I've also joined an online book club created by the ever-awesome Kristin of My Life As A Teacup. It's called ... NovelTea. Isn't that adorable? You can learn more here; the first book we're reading is Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore. I finished the book in practically one sitting—it was that good.


  1. I envy your ability to power through 15 books in this time frame! Lots of ones I have a feeling I'll be adding to my own tbr list! (And thanks for the shoutout! :D Penumbra's was AMAZING!)

  2. You're doing better than I am on your 100 book goal. I'm at 39 right now (I'm reading "Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice" right now). Good luck on your goal, you can make it!

  3. The Unusuals series sounds pretty interesting. And wow, 48 books already? Nice! This is the first year I didn't set a reading goal, so I don't even know how many books I've read so far in 2014. Kind of a bummer now that I think about it.

  4. So many books! I waste so much potential reading time but I just can't get motivated. I'll be pleased with myself if I finish my 13 that I have planned for the whole summer!

  5. Go, Mandy! I'm 6 books behind my schedule. >.<

  6. I'm really lucky that I can read as fast as I do. I just wish I was better at retaining the stuff I've read though. It's a trade off, at least in my case.

    And thank you for starting the club! I've wanted to read Penumbra's for a while and this was the perfect excuse.

  7. Thanks, Rebecca! What's The Wheel of Ice about? is it one of those standalone "episode" books?

  8. I really enjoy Veronica Bane's writing style (The Unusuals). And both of the books are novellas, so they're quick reads. I highly recommend them both!

    I find Goodreads to have been a great help in setting goals and keeping track of books. I've read so many in my life—I kind of wish I'd kept track since I was little, but that probably would have gotten a little out of hand pre-Internet.

  9. Thanks! And yes, definitely check out The Bone Season. The second in the series is coming out soonish (January).

  10. It helps that I "have" to read at least one book a week for FYA. I just wish I retained more! But then ... there wouldn't be room in my brain for the random nerdy knowledge that seems to get stuck up there, so I suppose it's a good thing. ;)

  11. You can make that up, easy! Any vacations coming up? I've found that plane rides are excellent for reading. :)