July 10, 2014

Nerd News delay + the new Harry Potter short

Sorry guys! Late night work event + early morning continuation of work event = no time to dedicate to nerdy news gathering.

I've got another late night tomorrow, so check back this weekend for the news you need to know ... only a few days late.

To tide you over, here's a new Harry Potter short that J.K. Rowling released earlier this week. I've included the first couple of paragraphs below as a tease.
There are celebrities – and then there are celebrities. We’ve seen many a famous face from the wizarding world grace the stands here in the Patagonian Desert – Ministers and Presidents, Celestina Warbeck, controversial American wizarding band The Bent-Winged Snitches – all have caused flurries of excitement, with crowd members scrambling for autographs and even casting Bridging Charms to reach the VIP boxes over the heads of the crowd. 

But when word swept the campsite and stadium that a certain gang of infamous wizards (no longer the fresh-faced teenagers they were in their heyday, but nevertheless recognisable) had arrived for the final, excitement was beyond anything yet seen. As the crowd stampeded, tents were flattened and small children mown down. Fans from all corners of the globe stormed towards the area where members of Dumbledore’s Army were rumoured to have been sighted, desperate above all else for a glimpse of the man they still call the Chosen One.


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