June 04, 2014

Haiku Revieu | X-Men: Days of Future Past and Godzilla

So, this post was supposed to go up Friday ... but I apparently forgot to schedule it, and I didn't notice that it didn't go up while I was in NYC. Sorry, gang!

X-Men: Days of Future Past (*****)

So many mutants
Patrick, Ian, Michael, James
New past, new future

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. From the moment I saw the first trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, I was excited. If I got serious feels from only the trailer, what would the movie be like? But then, I saw some of the god-awful marketing campaigns the movie was a part of ... and Quicksilver. And I got worried.

My worries were for naught, however, because DoFP was amazing. Quite possibly the best X-Men movie yet.

The story begins in a future in which mechanical beings called Sentinels have waged war against mutants and any humans who help them. The world is ravaged, and only a few of the X-Men survive. They need to try to change their present, so they send Wolverine's consciousness into the past to warn their past selves.

The movie ties together the original X-Men series (X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand) with the mutants we met in X-Men: First Class, and it does so with aplomb. The two sets of characters work so well together, and even though they look nothing alike, the fact that James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are younger versions of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan works perfectly. They're all four amazing actors, and they do the roles of Professor X and Magneto such justice.

It was really great getting to see some of the older mutants along with the ones from First Class, and meeting some new mutants for the first time. Even my worries about Quicksilver were assuaged; his hair and costume are terrible, his scenes are some of the best of the movie. Peter Dinklage was a great addition to the cast as well, in his role as misguided villain Bolivar Trask.

The best part of the movie, by far, however was: THE MOVIE FIXED X3! It's like it doesn't even exist anymore and that makes me ridiculously happy. (White text because spoilers.)

I'd recommend this movie to pretty much everyone, but particularly to those of you who are X-Men fans.

+ + +

Godzilla (***1/2)

Monsters smash San Fran
Nature creates a balance

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. I'm not a huge Godzilla fan. I mean, I know the generics of the history of the monster and all, but I've never seen anything but snippets of the old, Japanese movies. I have, however, seen the 1998 Matthew Broderick version, but, uh, does that even count?

This version follows the discovery of a prehistoric pod-thing in the Philippines and a subsequent catastrophe at a nuclear reactor in Japan. Fifteen years later, the head of the nuclear reactor has gone a bit crazy trying to discover the details of what actually happened on that day—that it wasn't an accident—and his son is sent to bail him out of prison. Soon, the son realizes that the father wasn't  crazy; that the accident was caused by a prehistoric beast. A prehistoric beast that is back and causing destruction wherever it goes.

As the Mister said when the credits rolled, this was very much a Godzilla movie. The plot was thin, the characters flat and the destruction epic. I liked it, for what it was. Particularly because, as was the case with a few of the older movies, Godzilla wasn't actually the villain.

There were a few points during the movie when I got a little bored. There wasn't quite the right mix of action and character storyline, at least, it wasn't blended well enough. But the special effects were great, and the monsters looked good. (Even if Godzilla is a little chubby.)

If you like monster movies, I think you'll enjoy this one.


  1. So relieved to hear X-Men lives up to expectations. Will see if Gamerhubby and I can fit it into our plans this weekend.

  2. My husband and I just saw X-Men and I thought it was so awesome. Quicksilver's scenes were by far some of the best in the movie (I think my husband was as worried about him as you originally were, but was pleasantly surprised by how well they portrayed his character), and you're absolutely right about the most important/best part of all (which I won't type since spoilers). Also super excited about the scene after the credits and what will come.

  3. I was so impressed with X-Men. And I couldn't possibly agree more about Quicksilver. He was AMAZING. I love Evan Peters (he is my absolute favorite part of American Horror Story in seasons 1 and 2 - haven't seen 3 yet) and he was as good as I'd hoped. However, yes, his hair and costume are ridiculous.
    And although this has nothing to do with the movie itself, I was actually really surprised at what you can get away with in a PG-13 movie! A decent amount of profanity and a naked man butt. . .totally didn't realize that was allowed for that rating. Crazy!
    Also, the scene at the end of the credits has me very excited. No spoilers, but it makes me so pumped for what's to come!

    As for Godzilla, I'm sure we'll Netflix it. I know my hubs will enjoy it, and I'm sure I won't HATE it, but monster movies aren't really always my thing. Usually I find them lacking in too much. I guess I prefer ridiculously over the top (aka Pacific Rim) when it comes to monster flicks. Ones that take themselves to seriously usually leave me feeling 'meh' about the whole thing.

  4. I hope you got a chance to see it! (And enjoyed it!)

  5. Yes! The credits scene is super intriguing, too.

  6. I was definitely not expecting to get a screenfull of Hugh Jackman butt, that's for sure! I feel like PG-13 is getting more lax with a lot of things, but still only allows one f-word? Seems silly. Either keep it all strict or create a PG-16 rating or something.

    Pacific Rim was SO GOOD. I love that movie. You've described it perfectly with "ridiculously over the top." :D

  7. Not yet :( Gonna try and catch it later this week. *fingers crossed*

  8. I'll cross mine for you too! :)