May 20, 2014

obsessed.: Dangerdust

I think I've said this before, but I love me some (well done) street art. I love the anonymity, the passion, the uniqueness of the art form. I love the little bit of rebel that comes along with it, too. Sure, it's often illegal ... but when street artists are beautifying bland and boring places, I see it as a favor to those who see it rather than a slight against those who own whatever has been painted (or stickered or ...) on.

When I ran across an article on Dangerdust recently, I felt a similar appeal. It's not street art, but it's something close.

Dangerdust is an anonymous art duo who create works of art on chalkboards at Columbus College of Art and Design. According to an interview with the duo, "The two complete each masterpiece in one fell swoop (which can take up to 11 hours), usually working on Sunday or Monday nights in a vacant classroom. They choose a quote from a list compiled from Google searches and suggestions from friends, draw up a rough sketch, and then get to work using regular chalk (usually from the dollar store, they joked)."

Take a look at some of their other works. They are AMAZING.

(via, via)

I really wish I had skills like this.


  1. Aren't they spectacular?! I've shown them to pretty much everyone I know, and I'm still not sick of looking at them. Amazing.

  2. Are you following their account on Instagram? I hope they continue creating for a long while.

  3. Right? They're spectacular!