May 04, 2014

Lusting After ... | May the Fourth Be With You edition

In honor of Star Wars Day (May the 4th ... get it?), I curated a collection of some of the Internet's coolest Star Wars merch.

What did I find that's totally lust-worthy?

1 | A useful set of kitchen geekery. (measuring set)
2 | Something for the lovers. (rings)
3 | A way to keep Han close at hand foot. (rugs)
4 | A little confidence booster (There is no try!) (hoodie)
5 | An awesome accessory. (ring)
6 | Another way to show your true feelings. (towels)

7 | Snark for the walls. (poster set)
8 | Another adorable figure for my collection. (Ewok POP!)
9 | A little nerdery for the sofa. (pillows)
10 | Cute dudes. (plushies)
11 | Something for casual day. (skirt)
12 | A little pretty. (necklace)

How about you? Have you used the force lately to find something great on the Web?

P.S.—Last year, I posted a set of e-cards I made for sharing on this most auspicious of holidays. Here's a peek at one of the best (IMO) of the bunch:

Be sure to visit the post to download/share this or any of the others with your favorite nerds and geeks!


  1. And there goes all of my money...

  2. That little ewok ring!!!!!

  3. The ewok ring is the greatest. And I'm pretty sure Ricky got me the R2D2 measuring cups for my birthday this week (there is a thinkgeek box in dining room that I've been told i can't open) and I'm super excited to use them.

  4. I love that Ewok POP! Though I love any POP guys really. :D Those pillows would match my living room. . .it's already black and white themed, and it's where our nerdy collectible shelves are....hmm..... :D

  5. I love those R2D2 measuring cups. I saw them on the other day and immediately added them to my wishlist :)

  6. Seriously, those R2D2 measuring cups are the BEST!! :)

  7. Uh, hello, Mr. Cavill. You sir, are on of my FAVORITES. You and Thor. Oh, and Four. ;)

  8. Such is the evil of the Internet. It's so easy to browser shop ... and then buy!

  9. The rapscallion Etsy shop that's from has a ton of super cute stuff.

  10. Aw, yay! Yay for nerd presents.

  11. Then you totally need those pillows. ;)

  12. Haha, I did too. We have a Star Wars-themed kitchen, so they'd go perfectly.

  13. I love how they're all in one AND nerdy. Wholly inspired.