May 12, 2014

Haiku Revieu: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (****)

Pete goes to college
Three is a lot of villains
Don't betray Harry

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of Spider-Man, at least, not the Spider-Man that's portrayed in the movies. I adored the Spider-Man: The Animated Series that ran in the mid-90s; Peter Parker is a fantastic character; and I think there are some great stories and villains in the series. The movies just don't ever seem to do the characters or the stories justice. The latest edition of the Spider-Man film franchise wasn't awful, however, and I actually liked it a bit more than it's predecessor. (Here's how I felt about The Amazing Spider-Man, in case you're curious.)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 catches up with Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey as they graduate from high school and transition into college. Peter's still struggling with Gwen's father's death, and splitting his time between being Peter and being Spider-Man. Of course, anywhere Spidey goes, there are bound to be villains—in this movie he comes face to face with the main bad, Electro, and has briefer run-ins with the Rhino and the Green Goblin.

That seems like a lot of villains. Going in to the movie, I was worried that it would turn into another Spider-Man 3, but the focus was more on Electro and less on the Rhino and Green Goblin. The movie served as sort of an origin story for those two, and I'm sure they'll show up in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (or the Sinister Six movie that's now in the works). The balance was actually quite good.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were again great as Peter and Gwen. They have such excellent chemistry, which isn't really surprising. They are ADORABLE in real life. Dane DeHaan and his wacky hair made a great Harry Osborn. Sally Field is such a perfect Aunt May. Even Jamie Fox was good in the Electro role. I am not a fan of the Rhino, though. Something about the character just grosses me out. And I usually like Paul Giamotti. Also: Peter would not listen to Phillip Phillips.

And although I wasn't surprised by the ending—I mean, the Internet was abuzz with it for months before the movie came out—I'm going to miss Emma. And I really hope they cast someone other than Shailene Woodley in the Mary Jane role before the third movie in the series. She just doesn't seem right for it at all. (White text, #becausespoilers.)

I think that, if you go into seeing this movie without too high of expectations, you'll enjoy it.


  1. you couldn't be more right about the mj casting. i know she's apparently america's sweetheart and all that but i'm kinda over her and she doesn't seem sassy or confident enough. i disliked rhino for a seemingly different reason- at the end when he's in the suit- it doesn't look like his in the suit. it's like someone set up a cpu screen inside the suit which is stupid for a movie that can make spider-man swinging down the nyc streets look real- it's very flat animation. also the open the head piece to talk/close it to shoot/ open and scream/ close and charge/open for whitty banter/close and charge again.... seriously guys either close the damn thing or open it!! i didn't need 15 shots showing me haw the flipping helmet worked.

  2. I too have never been a huge Spidey fan, in either comics or films. I assume I know the giant 'spoiler' of this movie, given what I do know of the comics and I think I'll be pretty sad about it. But, I think we'll wait to rent this one since we're picky about theater movies!

  3. I'm exactly the same, I looooved the animated series so much and the first films never lived up to it in my opinion so I haven't seen either of these - even though I really like Adam Garfield, I just can't bring myself to do it after the first time around.

  4. She's also—to be totally blunt—not pretty enough. Isn't MJ a teen model? Doesn't Peter always talk about how gorgeous she is?

    And the Rhino suit was totally unwieldy.

  5. I don't think you'll be hurt by waiting. Although it was fun to see on the big screen, the weird motion antics—another thing that bothers me—might actually be better on a smaller screen.

  6. Andrew's a different Peter than Tobey was. He's much more like the Spidey in the cartoon, to me. So you might give it a chance if it's ever on TV. :)