May 07, 2014

Coulson and Queen Latifah

Guys—please forgive me a moment of #humblebrag.

Last week, I got a Facebook message from "Clark Gregg's assistant Stephanie" asking if I'd be amenable to having my "Coulson is My Homeboy" T-shirt design featured in a segment of the Queen Latifah show. Clark Gregg would be making an appearance on the show, and they wanted to talk about some of the fan art that was created in support of the character and the #CoulsonLives movement. I didn't fully believe that she was who she said she was—sorry Stephanie!—but I emailed her because I wasn't going to ignore such an opportunity just because I was skeptical.

Long story short, Long story short: I emailed Stephanie, asked her for more information, gave her some of my information and the next day got an email from an assistant producer with the Queen Latifah show with a media release attached for me to sign. There was no guarantee that it would make it on to the show, but I was excited.

I set my DVR for 4 p.m. yesterday and promptly forgot all about it until I got home and Colt noticed it was recorded. I actually got nervous as we watched Clark come on set and talk with Queen Latifah. I got even more nervous when she started talking about fan art.

And then, BAM, "Coulson is My Homeboy" popped up on screen.

Total flail moment, you guys.

They didn't actually talk about the piece, and it was only on screen for a matter of seconds, but it was one of only two pieces shown, so I feel super proud of the whole situation. And the best part is: Stephanie mentioned, while we were emailing, that Clark is the one who told the show's producers about it! I die.

Here are a couple more photos I snapped of the episode:

That's my name on screen!

And you can watch the whole segment below.

Is this real life?!

P.S.—Want a T-shirt version of this for yourself? That can be arranged!

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