February 05, 2014

DIY-deas: Valentine's Edition

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that I've both loved and hated at various points in my life. Loved when I'm in a relationship, which I am lucky enough to be in right now (and, you know, forever more) and hated when I was feeling particularly lonely, i.e. when I was a teenager (until I was a senior in high school) and through most of college.

Regardless, I've always liked giving and getting valentines, and I enjoy decorating for the holiday as well. I'll be posting actual valentines next week, but let's start things off with some love-themed crafts. Many of these would be good decor year-round!

Giant Geometric Wall Art | Oleander + Palm

Love the pink and gold together, and the minimalist feel. So simple, yet so pretty!

Giant Valentine’s Day Posters | Oh Happy Day

I've been itching to get a giant blueprint poster from a copy shop for a while now. This would be a great project to start with. Plus: There are a variety of poster options to choose from at the link!

Love Yarn Letters | My Sister's Suitcase

I am a big fan of letter art. I've tried making my own yarn letters before, but could never get the wrapping to look quite right. This is a fantastic tutorial.

La La Love You Valentine Pillow | Make Life Lovely

Statement pillows are a great way to add holiday decor to a home without going broke. You could even buy one insert and then create a set of pillowcases to change out with each holiday/season.

Printable Valentine's Day Garland | Sarah Hearts

Although I don't often use them, looking back at previous DIY-deas posts, I'm obviously a fan of garlands. Why not create another one for Valentine's Day? (The sweet prints on top of the sideboard are another cute Sarah Hearts project; learn more here.)

What about you, friends? Are you a Valentine's lover or hater?


  1. I'm not really into Valentines, but I do love crafting little Valentines themed craft. (possibly because pink is my favorite color.)
    I love the giant geometric heart!

  2. I feel completely lost as to what to do this year.

  3. I'm liking pink more and more these days. I think I shied away from it for a long time because of how "girlie" it is, but there are so many hues!

  4. Same here. I've got ideas for decor (obvs.), but no idea for gifts. It's snuck up on me. I'm sure your wife might appreciate some pampering right after having a baby ... a massage or manicure, perhaps?

  5. Oooh, I love that pillow! Valentine's Day is one of those that I tend not to do too much for, but these little crafts look like fun! :)

  6. I think what I like most is that they don't scream Valentine's Day, so you could use them all-year! :)