January 27, 2014

Recently Read | 2013 wrap-up

According to Goodreads, in 2012, I only read 16 books. I think it was more like 20—25, but it's close to being accurate. In 2013, however, the combination of keeping better track of what I read and reviewing nearly a book a week from May through December for Forever Young Adult led to a large jump in the number. According to Goodreads, in 2013 I read ... 69 books (including a few short stories).

What a difference! I don't know that I would have read quite as many had I not gotten involved with FYA, but I would have read at least 30 (for my 30 before 30 list). My favorites of the year were:

Check out my 2013 reads in the table below.

Read in 2013:

The Diviners
The Lightning Thief
The Sea of Monsters
A Big Hand For The Doctor
The Titan's Curse
The Battle of the Labyrinth
The Last Olympian
The Raven Boys
Shadow and Bone
The Nameless City
The Spear of Destiny
The Roots of Evil


So far this year, I've already read six (and have another two in progress.) My goal for 2014? 100 books. I think I can do it!

Do you have a reading goal for the year? I'd love to hear it. Let me know in the comments. And be sure to connect with me on Goodreads if you haven't yet.


  1. Impressive book list, ma'am! My goal for this year is 52 books. I read fewer last year than the year before, but I was also much busier. I'm definitely working on carving out more reading time into my daily routine. Also, my plan is to branch out into more nonfiction and "adult" literature, instead of sticking to mainly YA. So far, I'm sticking to my one work of nonfiction a month. ;)
    Good luck to you!!

  2. Now that is impressive! My goals are FAR smaller - last year I read 26 (which was actually more than I thought), and this year my goal is to average at least three a month. Not too ambitious, but I have so many different projects going on that I set a comfortable goal! Saving my ambitious goals for other things haha. I have been wanting to read The Lunar Chronicles for awhile now. . . I think that may have to be my next series!

  3. I read about 65 books in 2013! It's neat seeing what others have read. :)

  4. My reading goal was to "Read More" so technically I think I've actually read more this year (in the first month) than I did all of 2013. At the very least I've finished more books.

    Did you make that grid of books or is that something that Goodreads did for you?

  5. Thanks, Jen. :) I like your plan! I'm not sure that I'll have time to read other genres, but I should probably try to fit them in occasionally. Not that reading YA is bad, of course, but just to expand my selection.

  6. That's a good plan. I'm sure I wouldn't have read as many as I did if I didn't "have" to. (I'm kind of cheating, I guess.)

    I definitely recommend the Lunar Chronicles, although the last book doesn't come out until Winter of 2015. (UGH. Y SO FAR AWAY?) They're great reads, and the story/characters only get better with each book.

  7. Go, you, Katie! That's awesome.

  8. Good plan, Bill. I hope you can keep it up, that is, if you want to.

    Goodreads did. (https://www.goodreads.com/user/edit?tab=widgets) It's a bit janky, and I had to mess with the HTML in my post to get it to work within the text (and I could not for the life of me figure out how to get it to center), but it works, and took way less time than me coding it myself.

    If that link doesn't work, you can access the various Goodreads widgets in the Widgets tab under "My Account."

  9. Great list of books. I've added you on goodreads :)

  10. Thanks! I've just added you back. :)

  11. Nice!! 100 books sounds like an amazing goal! I'm sticking with 50 again myself, since I feel a few thick ones like GoT count for more than one xD

  12. They totally count as more than one! :)