January 21, 2014

Lusting after ... | Sherlock edition

In honor of Sherlock's series three premiere this past Sunday evening—wasn't it wonderful?—I thought I'd curate a collection of some of the Web's finest Sherlock-inspired fan-made merchandise. (Many of you have likely already seen the entire series, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, but I've only just begun. So no spoilers in the comments, please!)

What Sherlock items did I find that are totally lust-worthy?

1 | Cheeky quotes. (six-pin set)
2 | Something to drink tea from. (mug)
3 | Gorgeous secondary characters. (prints)
4 | A bit of DIY. (crosstitch pattern)
5 | An awesome accessory. (scarf)
6 | Something to make work a little more amusing. (decal)

7 | Dapper wall art. (print set)
8 | A bit of Sherlock sass. (print)
9 | A dream vacation locale. (iPhone case)
10 | Proof of your dedication. (pin)
11 | Good smells. (candle)
12 | Accessories to share with your best fandom friend. (bracelets)
13 | Something for your TV room. (print set)

Last minute addition:

Support for John's (attempt at) facial hair. (T-shirt)

How about you, Sherlock fans? What great finds have you come across during your Internet travels?


  1. I love these all! xD Too many good quotes. The candle though? What a fab idea!

  2. I want pretty much all of Frostbeard Studios' candles. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey, Dumbledore's Office, Butterbeer, The Shire ...

  3. So many awesome things! I LOVE that candle shop on Storenvy by the way - they have so many awesome geek themed candle scents! Pretty sure they're going to be my once-a-month indie purchase for January!

  4. I'd love the tea set Mrs. Hudson uses. It actually exists to buy!

  5. No way! That's such a great idea.

  6. How fun, Kay! Is this a new 2014 thing, or do you make indie purchases on the regular?

  7. I started it last year. 2013 was the year I really started paying attention to where I spent my money, and added a focus on indie/handmade shopping. I love handmade things, and as an artist myself I think it's important to support that community. I discovered the 1AM Promise (here's my blog post about it if you're interested -> http://anopensketchbook.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/indie-shopping-and-the-1am-promise/) in July of 2013, and it was a great way to work in some monthly indie shopping!

  8. That's fanastic! I too would love it.

  9. http://www.alimiller.co.uk/product-category/all/uk-map/ :o)

  10. Great list! I love them all! And yes, the premier was fantastic!

  11. Glad you liked the goods and the premiere!