January 06, 2014

December's Photo-A-Day photos + a year in photos

With a few late days here and there, I'm happy to say that with the photo I took on Dec. 31, I finished an entire year of Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day project!

Here are my December photos:

(View a larger version of December's prompt list here.)

I'm taking a break in January, but the project is continuing into 2014; check out the January prompt list here.

And, if you're bored curious, you can view the rest of my photos from the past year below.

I hope you're having a great 2014 so far. I'm still on vacation, and therefore a little behind on actually getting a start to the year, but it'll happen eventually!

P.S.—The 2014 edition of the Man Calendar will be available soon!


  1. Woohoo! An entire year...WOW! Happy New Year! :D

  2. Thank you! Same to you. Here's to an awesome 2014. :)