December 16, 2013

30 Before 30 | December update and wrap-up post

The big day has finally come and gone—I am officially 30 years old. Either it hasn't yet sunk in, or the fact that I'm in my 30th decade of life doesn't bother me really at all. In fact, the past few days have been absolutely fantastic. And if they're any indication of the year to come, it's going to be a very good one.

Much like I expected, I wasn't able to complete every task on my list. 2013 was a very busy year. Through trying to complete this list, however, I've learned things about myself. Some of the leftover items I'll add to my life-long bucket list, and others I'm just going to put on the back-burner and revisit my interest at a later date.

Here's my list, with December's updates:

1. Get another tattoo.
2. Go to Disney World/Land.
3. Lose 10-15 more pounds/feel better in the skin I'm in.
4. Find an exercise plan/class and stick with it.
5. Read at least 30 books.
6. Create (and stick to) a better savings plan.
7. Try indoor skydiving.
8. Get my passport.
9. Get a gel manicure (and not ruin my nails by picking it off).
10. Reopen the Pants Design Etsy shop/increase sales on RedBubble.
11. Eat at five new (to me) Austin-area restaurants.
12. Visit a new state.
13. Attend at least one con.
14. Cook at least three meals at home per month.
15. Hold at least six C&CC giveaways.—Five done! So close.
16. Finish learning how to knit.
17. Complete the blanket I started as a first anniversary (i.e., 2011) present for Colt.
18. Re-watch three TV series.—1.5 done.
19. Learn to better use CSS and HTML.
20. Get an additional pet.I couldn't cross this one off until my actual birthday, but sometimes unexpected happenings are the best kind! I'll do a larger post on our new family member tomorrow.
21. Start a 365 project.
22. Become a mentor (again).
23. Go on 12 fancy date nights.—1: Oct. 23; went to Melting Pot for our three-year anniversary. 2: Dec. 12; went to Wink for my birthday.
24. Hold a fandom party.I had a get-together with friends for my birthday that involved fandom-related foods and nerdy shirts, but I wasn't really able to plan anything as over-the-top as I would have liked. Maybe in 2014.
25. Push myself out of my comfort zone.
26. Shoot a gun (at a range).
27. Get a new car.
28. Finish decorating the bedroom.
29. Partake in three anonymous Pay it Forwards.—1: July 26.
30. Find the perfect shade of lipstick (and learn how to apply it properly).

I did a final update of the original post; you can find it here. In all, I completed 13 out of 30 items, and made progress on six or seven others. Not too shabby.

Things I've learned about myself via this project:
  • Colt and I are not really "fancy date" people; we're much more dinner and a movie folk.
  • I do not often go through drive-throughs.
  • I watch way too much "live" TV once the season starts.
  • I need to find/make more time for being creative.
  • We must make time to attend a con next year, too.

Regardless of the outcome, I definitely had fun making an attempt at completing this list! And I'm looking forward to what's to come.


  1. Happy Birthday! And if you end up going to a con, you should head to ECCC up my direction. =)

  2. I hear that's a fun one, too! And thank you. :D