November 18, 2013

DIY-deas: Autumn + Thanksgiving edition

Texas is currently making me feel like we've already skipped winter and gone back to summer—a couple of 40–50 degree days last week were followed by an 80 degree day yesterday—but I know better. And although stores, TV and shopping center decorators might have you believing otherwise, there are still a few weeks and one holiday before Christmas.

I'm going to hold on to autumn as long as I can and give proper thanks, possibly with the help of these great DIYs!

DIY Falling Leaves Garland | 6th Street Design School

Although I do enjoy diamonds, I believe that glitter is a girl's other best friend. This DIY is simple, cheap and oh-so-pretty and would totally work as both general fall and Thanksgiving decor.

Fall Felt Leaf Wreath | Nest of Posies

I like the use of non-traditional "fall" colors in this wreath. I actually made a very similar one a few years ago, but I can't recall where I got the inspiration. (It very well might have been this wreath? My pins do tend to repeat themselves sometimes.)

Sweater Leggings | The Farmer's Nest

I love the idea of cozy-looking socks peeking out of the tops of boots, but legwarmers can often be bulky, and my calves are already big enough as it is. These are made from old sweater sleeves. So smart!

Give Thanks Banner | Sugar Bee Crafts

I know, again with the glitter. But wouldn't it look wonderful combined with the leaf garland above? And everyone should have a reason to stock up on glitter paper, right?

DIY Clay Wishbones | Oh Happy Day

This project is both pretty and "interactive"—no more fighting over the actual wishbone from the Thanksgiving turkey, or bemoaning the fact that it got broken in the shuffle. Everyone's getting a chance for a wish to come true this year!

Thankful Placemat | The Cottage at 341 South

Although it would be simple to just go around in a circle at your Thanksgiving table and tell what you're thankful for before you dig in, these placemats might cause you and your guests to give it some thought throughout the meal. Plus: No having to wash linens after!

What about you, friends? Are you planning anything handmade (other than food) for this month's holiday celebrations?


  1. Pffft. This makes me glad we have Thanksgiving before Halloween, so as soon as Halloween is over, it's CHRISTMASTIME for like two months. :D

  2. These are such wonderful autumn diys! Not so great on the weather front it sounds, but I'm sure with some glitter garland hanging around it'll feel more like fall :D

  3. Haha, that would be so weird! Canada, you crazy. <3

  4. Exactly! And I never turn down an excuse for glitter.