November 12, 2013

30 Before 30 | November (!!!) update

Holy crap, you guys. I will be 30 one month from today. 2013 has absolutely flown by. It's been a lot of fun, but I really feel like I should have gotten so much more done! Surprisingly enough, I'm feeling pretty good about the impending change ... now to figure out how I want to celebrate it!

I marked a few items off the list in the past month. Here's the list:

1. Get another tattoo.Done! I'll do a post once it's finished completely, but I've had two sessions to extend my sleeve since last month's update. You can sneak a peek here.
2. Go to Disney World/Land.
3. Lose 10-15 more pounds/feel better in the skin I'm in.
4. Find an exercise plan/class and stick with it.—With vacation and illness and a visit from family (and the fact that my arm hurts like the dickens from the latest tattoo session), we've gotten off track with our classes. But I definitely want to get back into the routine.
5. Read at least 30 books.
6. Create (and stick to) a better savings plan.—A work in progress.
7. Try indoor skydiving.
8. Get my passport.
9. Get a gel manicure (and not ruin my nails by picking it off).
10. Reopen the Pants Design Etsy shop/increase sales on RedBubble.
11. Eat at five new (to me) Austin-area restaurants.
12. Visit a new state.Done! On our trip to Las Vegas (photos coming soon!) we drove through New Mexico and Arizona, neither of which I'd ever been to. (The Phoenix airport doesn't count.) Parts of them are pretty ... much of them is awfully flat.
13. Attend at least one con.
14. Cook at least three meals at home per month.—Check.
15. Hold at least six C&CC giveaways.—Four done ... think I can fit two into the next month?
16. Finish learning how to knit.
17. Complete the blanket I started as a first anniversary (i.e., 2011) present for Colt.
18. Re-watch three TV series.—Completed a re-watch of Young Americans. Continuing to re-watch Angel; I'm still halfway through season 4.
19. Learn to better use CSS and HTML.Done. I've been using it more at work lately, and I'm still no pro, but I feel like I can count this one as done. I've not mastered it by any means, but I'm better than I was!
20. Get an additional pet.
21. Start a 365 project.
22. Become a mentor (again).—I'll hopefully get back started with this in the next couple of weeks.
23. Go on 12 fancy date nights.
24. Hold a fandom party.
25. Push myself out of my comfort zone.
26. Shoot a gun (at a range).
27. Get a new car.
28. Finish decorating the bedroom.
29. Partake in three anonymous Pay it Forwards.—1: July 26.
30. Find the perfect shade of lipstick (and learn how to apply it properly).Done! It's not quite lipstick, but I did get a gorgeous (and bright!) red lip gloss/stain thanks to Chris at the Sephora in Las Vegas—who also does a mean cat eye. I've only worn it once, and I think I need to get some lip liner, but I'm super pumped about finding something I don't feel like a clown wearing.

I continue to update the original post as I check things off. You can find it via the nav. bar at the top of the site (or here).

So ... one month left. I'm not sure any of the items I've not yet completed will actually get done, but that's OK ..  I've a lot more years ahead of me in which to get things done!


  1. Ok -- what's the perfect shade of lipstick you found??

  2. It is the Cream Lip Stain from Sephora in 01 Always Red, I believe.