October 01, 2013

obsessed.: Follow My Feet EP, cdza music and the science of Breaking Bad

This is basically a part two of my last obsessed. post, but The Unlikely Candidates finally released their EP—and it is awesome.

If you like what you hear, the EP is available on both iTunes and Amazon for only $3.99.

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And this week, from the Mister:

Colt discovered cdza today. cdza is a group of musicians who create "musical experiments" such as:

They're pretty dang good at what they do, and the fact that they mix info with their music makes for videos that are both interesting to listen to and to watch. The members of the collective also seem to have great senses of humor.

I'm totally butting into Colt's submission, but this is my personal favorite cdza video:


And from TGG:

Wes, his wife Emily and their friend (and friend of C&CC) Shaun recently competed in a Breaking Bad pub quiz—and won something like $675 for their efforts. (Congrats again, you guys!) The team researched quite a bit in preparation, and in doing so, Wes came across weak interactions, a blog on which a science officer for the British government breaks down and explains the science of TV shows like Breaking Bad and Fringe.

As Wes says: "The thing I really like about this blog isn't just that he breaks things down to more understandable levels, but also that he never seems to put himself above the work done by the writers. Even when something is less than scientifically accurate he doesn't ridicule the creators; instead he looks for ways that it may make sense in context with other information that may not be shown or he just chalks it up to creative license. And along with that he seems to be genuinely excited when they do get it right, which is pretty frequently.

"It's an interesting, in-depth look at the science behind a series based (at least in part) on science and adds another facet to a show I already loved."

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