October 21, 2013

Guest post | Re-watch/re-read blogs with Jen of A Tale of 2 Monkeys

I'd like to ask you all to welcome the awesomely nerdy Jen from A Tale of 2 Monkeys, who brings us today's guest post. Thanks so much for doing this, Jen!

Hi guys, it's Jen from A Tale of 2 Monkeys, a personal blog about geekery, photography and my various interests, and Nerdified Shirts, a geeky T-shirt design shop. Thanks to my buddy Mandy, I am here again to talk to you a little bit about re-watch/re-read blogs and why I think they are so appealing.

To begin, you should know that I've never really been a re-capping blog person. I understand the appeal of a forum for immediate discussion the day after an episode or movie comes out, but reading a thick description of the nuances of an episode I just watched for the first time the night before is not really my thing. It doesn't help that I never watch TV in real time, despite my strict avoidance policy regarding spoilers, especially now that I'm so busy with grad school. I'll watch multiple episodes on Saturday morning, or perhaps marathon an entire season during the holidays. Ask my friends, I am almost never caught up on anything. I've been on Season 2 of Breaking Bad for at least two years now.

I obviously do not mean to discount the preferences of anyone who does not share my feelings about next-day recaps. More power to you! If you like that kind of thing, and you don't mind (or would prefer) a little snarkiness regarding your favorite shows, I recommend the blog Television Without Pity. I like to read re-caps of reality TV shows because the re-caps are always so much funnier than the shows themselves, which I don't actually watch.

Now, while I'm not a fan of first-time-watch re-caps, I do like re-watch/re-read blogs. There is an important element here that is missing in the types of blogs I discuss above: nostalgia. In addition to community, this sense of nostalgia is so important to these types of experiences. We re-watch or re-read because we are genuine fans. We may get a bit snarky about things, but it comes from a place of love. One of my favorite examples of this is Wil Wheaton's book, Memories of the Future. Wil has been going through old episodes of Star Trek TNG and talking about not only what happens in the episodes, but also what was going on behind the scenes. I loved the first installment so much that I can't wait for him to finally get the next one out!

The great thing about being a fan is that you can make fun of the things you love and still love them. My friends and I excel at this, and so does Wil. We mock because we care. Also, we squee.

If you are a fellow Trekkie, I have been getting into some of the re-watch blogs on Tor. I haven't delved fully into these, but I have used them on occasion while trying to recall details about a particular episode or tie in some backstory. They are dedicated recaps and commentary by a huge Trek fan with quite a bit of activity in the comments section. Nostalgia: check! Community: double check! They also contain quite a bit of behind-the-scenes trivia: bonus!

Click your favorite trek and start your re-watch today!

Oh hey, are you into space travel? Are you a Farscape fan? Look no further than the Farscape Rewatch on Big Damn Heroes. This is the brainchild of my friend, Ashley, and she writes amazing recaps with expansive commentary. I actually watched Farscape for the first time while reading along with this blog so I was lacking the nostalgia aspect, but I still had a lot of fun. It is still ongoing, though temporarily on pause due to a project I will talk about below.

Let's move on to the books! There has been a trend over the last few years to go through older YA book series and re-read with hilarious commentary. These are blogs I often visit if I need some true stress relieving belly laughs.

Here are my favorites:

These guys are hilarious. It's like reliving my childhood, only funnier!

For something a little more recent (or if you're too young to appreciate these Sweet Valley and Babysitter's Club blogs), I've got a new blog for you, also the brainchild of my friend Ashley (she has multiple brainchildren): The Harry Potter Medicinal Re-read. Bonus: I've actually been participating! We have been reading the books, and bloggers take turns posting about 2-3 chapters, reliving our first reading experiences and commentating on the wizarding world. The comments section of each post tends to spiral into discussions and debates of anything and everything magical. Come join us!

Thanks for having me, Mandy! I hope that I've introduced you guys to at least one new blog or perhaps inspired you to create your own? What would you recap if you were so inclined?

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