September 26, 2013

Premiere Week 2013 | Thursday

There's only one show premiering tonight, too.

Elementary | 9–10 p.m. (CBS)

I was definitely on the fence about this show when it first aired last season. I felt like it was going to be another case of America copying the Brits, and poorly. But to my surprise, I quickly fell for this version, too. The chemistry between Sherlock and Joan is wonderful, and the storylines have been unique and surprising. I love what they've done with the Holmes mythos, and I am so glad it's back for another season.

Check back tomorrow for the shows premiering next week!


  1. I'm excited for this too. I watched all of last season with my father in law and we would spend the last commercial break guessing who did it.
    Isn't big bang theory coming back tonight?

  2. I also (still) completely dig Criminal Minds. Heh - but I also have this thing about criminal psychology and the minds of serial killers, even completely fictional ones, fascinate me.

    Also - dug SHIELD. I have hopes for that one. It was fun.

    My major disappointment was The Blacklist. Did not love that. A little too predictable, imo.

    I love your Premiere Week recap. :)

  3. It did. I fell off the BBT train pretty hard last season, though.

  4. Thanks, Kim!

    We have Blacklist on our DVR to watch this weekend; I've heard mixed reviews on it.

    And I need to see what happened on Criminal Minds—that's one I often watch without Colt, so I'll have to catch up this weekend. :)

  5. We didn't watch last season at all. With the moves and everything it just got left behind. We watched the 2 episodes from last night. It had its moments but they were few and farther between than I would have liked. We'll see if we stick with it.