September 11, 2013

Pre-Premiere Week 2013

Premiere Week 2013 doesn't officially begin until Monday, Sept. 23, but a few shows are getting an early start on the season.

A little Premiere Week primer for those of you who might be new: In this post—and the posts during the week of 9/23—I'll include when the show airs (in the Central time zone), a brief synopsis and a link to show's trailer (if the show is new) and a few personal thoughts on why I'm going to be watching. (If you'd like to review the premiere calendar I made up so that you know what's airing when, check out this post.)

Coming up this week, on Friday, Sept. 13:

Haven | 9–10 p.m. (SyFy)

Some serious ... stuff ... went down on Haven's third season finale. I'm not exactly sure how the town—and people in it—will bounce back from it all, but I can't wait to find out. I really enjoy this show's understated humor, and the mysteries, while not completely shocking, are compelling.

(Torchwood: Miracle Day will also re-air on BBC America starting at 8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 14, in case you missed that when it aired on Starz.)

And then next week, on Monday, Sept. 16:

Sleepy Hollow | 8–9 p.m. (Fox) | Trailer

After Ichabod Crane "dies" during a mission for General George Washington in 1790, he awakens in Sleepy Hollow in 2013. But so does the Headless Horseman, whose head Ichabod lopped off before his perceived death. The horseman begins his nightly killing spree, and Ichabod must partner with newly appointed Sheriff Abbie Mills.

Abbie is made the new sheriff after the horseman killed the previous sheriff upon awakening. While hunting the Horseman, Abbie looks into the old case files her old partner (the former sheriff) was investigating and learns of two types of occult groups— one for good, the other evil—which may have summoned the horseman again. If the horseman is not stopped, dark supernatural forces will affect the Earth. (via)
I really like the idea of a cop drama that features paranormal aspects. (I just hope that the CG is better than Grimm's is ...) And the fish-out-of-water element should make for some interesting interactions between Ichabod and the modern-day characters.

On Tuesday, Sept. 17:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine | 7:30–8 p.m. (Fox) | Trailer

A laid-back NYPD detective is told he must grow up and "respect the badge" when his new boss is a strict, by-the-book type. (via)
Andy Samberg is funny. I'm not sure how well his funny will translate to the sitcom format, but I'm willing to give it a try to find out. (I'm not thinking this one will last long on the Series Record list, however.) But: Terry Crews! Terry Crews makes everything better.

New Girl | 8–8:30 p.m. (Fox)

The past season of New Girl really hit a great stride, with more time with the guys balancing out Jess's (sometimes obnoxious) crazy. I also totally ship Nick and Jess, so I am excited to see where they're relationship goes. Coach will be back for a few episodes, too, and I can see Winston being adorably neurotic because of him being there.

And on Friday, Sept. 20:

The Hollow Crown | 8–8:30 p.m. (PBS) | Trailer

The Hollow Crown is a series of four mini-film adaptations of the four plays in William Shakespeare's second historical tetralogy, the Henriad: Richard II; Henry IV, Part 1; Henry IV, Part 2; and Henry V. (via)
I like Shakespeare. I like Tom Hiddleston. So it makes sense that I would doubly like Shakespeare with Tom Hiddleston. I've actually been looking forward to watching these since they aired last year as part of the celebration surrounding the 2012 London Olympics. I'm so glad PBS is bringing them to this side of the pond.

So, TV fans, which of these will you be watching? Did I miss anything coming up in the next week and a half?


  1. I'll definitely be watching New Girl and The Hollow Crown! And I'll give Sleepy Hollow a try.

  2. I've got some New Girl to catch up on. But Sleepy Hollow seems really interesting (and The Hollow Crown, of course!)

  3. Great! I can't wait to hear what you think. :)

  4. CATCH UP CATCH UP CATCH UP. The end of last season was excellent. :D

    I love that Hollow Crown is a given.

  5. I actually watched a good bit of it a while ago. But I'm a Shakespeare nerd (and Tom Hiddleston kind of kills it!)