September 10, 2013

obsessed.: "Roar"/"Follow My Feet," football + the music of Alice: Madness Returns

I have two songs to share with you today. One that's sort of in keeping with yesterday's self-love inspiration (Thank you for taking my poll, by the way!) and another that popped up on local radio over the weekend and immediately made an impact. (I think you could call me obsessed. with it; I listened to it at least five times today.

First up, Katy Perry's "Roar":

I kind of go back and forth with Katy's music. This happens to fall on the "really like it" side of the spectrum. The video is ridiculous, but all Katy.

And second, The Unlikely Candidates' "Follow My Feet":

When this song came on the radio, I could have sworn that Panic! at the Disco lead singer Brendan Urie was singing, but nope! The Unlikely Candidates is a band out of Fort Worth led by a guy named Kyle Morris. Regardless, they are very good, and just last month got signed to a deal with Atlantic Records. A five-song EP will be released later this month, but if you enjoyed that song, you can hear another—"Howl"—on Spotify.


And from the Mister:

Football officially started over the weekend.

Colt knows what he'll be doing Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights for the next few months. That kind of dedication is admirable!

And from TGG:

Wes has been playing Alice: Madness Returns a lot lately, and he's really enjoyed it. The part he likes the most, however, is the game's music. It's never been released, but—thanks be to the people of the Internet—someone uploaded a playlist to YouTube. Wes describes the music as "very creepy and mostly minimalist," so this might be something to listen to when the lights are on.

As an aside, Wes says that the music is pretty much the only thing he liked about the first Alice game (American McGee's Alice). Some things don't quite hold up with age.


  1. I'm usually hit or miss with Katy Perry, but I quite like Roar. And the absurdity that is the music video xD

  2. The music video cracks me up. And I'm glad you like the other song! I wish there were more songs to listen to ... I've listened to "Follow My Feet" and "Howl" each like 10 times now.

  3. I noticed that as I was looking! There doesn't seem to be too much that I can find ><;