September 16, 2013

Lusting after ...

Autumn is my favorite season, in part because, growing up, it always meant back-to-school shopping and layering clothing. The combination of not being in school and living in Texas has sort-of lessened the amount to which I can partake in either of those autumnal traditions, but that doesn't mean a girl can't dream!

What have I been lusting after lately?

1 | Gold accents. (skull, studs)
2 | Work-appropriate, yet personality pleasing carry-alls. (laptop sleeve, bag)
3 | A little bit of whimsy.
4 | Fall colors. (nails, inc., Deborah Lippmann)
5 | Vintage-look notebooks.

6 | Sweet smoking loafers.
7 | Cozy outerwear. (blazer, cape, cardigan)
8 | Silver and studs. (oxfords, Docs, high-tops)
9 | Dorothy-inspired leggings.
10 | A little bit of badass.

And—just for fun:

11 | A punch of neon to wear somewhere fancy.

How about you? What's on your back-to-school/autumn wishlist?


  1. I'm drooling over all of this. My current wishlist is so freaking long it's almost not even funny. Almost. Though, the latest Boden catalogue just came in the mail and I'm kind of obsessed now.

  2. I rarely ever get things from these lists, which is kind of silly. BUT I did get a couple of pairs of Doctor Who leggings I posted about in the last Lusting After (I think?) and I can't wait until it gets a little cooler so that I can wear them.

    I love where I live, but MAN do I ever wish Texas had seasons. I'm longing for autumn (not helped by your recent posts, thank you) and it's still in the 90s here every day. *sigh*

  3. Hehehe ^^ Whoops! I don't think I could live without my seasons. Autumn and winter? Bring it on!

    I rarely get things from my lists too, but I'm working on it, haha. How is the fit on those leggings? Hot Topic, right? I've been eyeing up these Batman ones:

  4. I want that skull cardigan too!

  5. My autumn shopping list includes boots! Real boots since I'm not in the south anymore. :(

  6. Yep, Hot Topic. They're comfy and soft and fit pretty well. I got the large, because I have big legs (and on average wear a 10 in pants). They're a little looser than tights, but they work for me. They're not so thick that they're uncomfortable, either, which is a plus.

    I am actually wearing a pair today, 90 degrees be damned!

  7. Sweet! I hate the ones that suck out your soul through your legs, and too baggy/thick is just bizarre. I think I'm going to cave xD

  8. Do it! (I'm a terrible enabler.)