September 27, 2013

Beyond Premiere Week 2013 | Part 1 (Sept. 29–Oct. 3)

There are two shows premiering next week that I'll be checking out. (And two that I put on the calendar because I still might eventually catch up ...)

Premiering Sunday night:

Once Upon a Time | 7–8 p.m. (ABC)

I have been pleasantly surprised at how far the showrunners have been able to take this show, as I was really worried a couple of years ago that this wouldn't have far to go. I'm excited about the new direction the show was headed at the end of last season and can't wait to see Neverland! (Although, can Henry grow up already? His whining is so grating.)

And next Wednesday, Oct. 2:

Ironside | 9–10 p.m. (NBC) | Trailer

A tough, sexy but acerbic police detective using a wheelchair after a shooting is hardly limited by his disability as he pushes and prods his hand-picked team to solve the most difficult cases in the city. (via)
You all know that crime procedurals are my jam, and even though I know very little about this show other than what's stated above, I'm going to give it a go. There has been some controversy over this show, however, and the fact that Blair Underwood is playing a paraplegic when he can walk just fine IRL, but I hope that this show does more good for the disabled community than it does harm. (If it ends up being the reverse, I'll totally drop it like a hot potato!)

The Vampire Diaries and spinoff series The Originals are starting up a week from tonight. (Oct. 3). I've not watched TVD for at least a season and a half, so I probably wouldn't understand where The Originals comes in, but a part of me feels like I still want to eventually catch up. (When that will be, I have no idea ... but I'm holding on for now.)

With that ... we've reached the end of the week. Do you have any new favorite shows so far? Are you looking forward to anything I haven't covered yet? Let me know in the comments!

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