August 21, 2013

Prepping for Premiere Week 2013

There's a change in the air. Breezes are getting cooler, the sun is setting earlier, and DVRs are about to become overwhelmed with an influx of new series. Y'all know what that means—it's time to plan out my television viewing for the upcoming season!

If you're unfamiliar with my Premiere Week series, each year I take a week out of regularly scheduled C&CC planning to delve into the new shows of the new TV season. (You can get a feel for what Premiere Week is all about through these posts, and here's the post that started it all.)

Below, you'll find my fall 2013 premiere date calendar. (Please note: All times are CST, which is an hour earlier than everyone else in the U.S.) Google Calendars default on the current date, so you'll have to click forward to view the September/October/November calendars.

Premiere Week 2013
will officially fall Sept. 23–27. I'll do a post in early Sept. as a lead in to catch the shows that premiere prior to that week and one later in the fall to discuss some series that aren't premiering until midseason.

If I've left one of your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) shows off of this year's calendar, you can view all of the major network's premiere dates* at the links below:
*Dates are subject to change—some have already. The calendar has the most up-to-date dates (as far as I can tell).

What shows are you really looking forward to this season? And if I left anything essential off the calendar, let me know!

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  1. Damnit, Mandy! I saw Torchwood on there and got all excited because I didn't know if or when it would come back for a fifth season, but that's just season 4, Miracle Day? Been there, done that. LOL

  2. Oh god, where do I even start? SHIELD. Supernatural. HIMYM. Those are probably my top 3 at the moment. But I have a feeling I'm going to get so sucked in.

  3. Hm... You don't feel like doing me one of these for the UK, do you?! ;)

  4. Oops! Sorry. I actually only saw like the first episode (since it was on a pay channel we don't pay to get), so I'm happy it's being re-aired on a channel we get as part of our regular cable package.

  5. Check, check and ... I'm so ready for HIMYM to be over, truthfully. I hope this last season is really good and brings back the reasons I liked it so much during the first couple of seasons since they know the end is nigh.

  6. I don't know that I'll have time to make a calendar, but I can certainly do some research to see if I can find anywhere that has all of your channels in one place! :)

  7. Yeah, it's time to be over. American television tends to milk things for too long, but I'm hoping for good things to come of this last season!

  8. That's so nice of you to offer, but don't worry! I was joking! You've got other things to do! I'll ask Google. And I should be watching less TV anyway! :)

  9. Yeah ... I should, too. ;)