August 27, 2013

obsessed.: Pocket, Matthew Berry's Fantasy Life and Jez Dior

I am all about productivity apps that help my keep my life a little bit more organized. I'm terrible about forgetting things unless I write them down, and I have a whole chain of emails to myself filled with links to read ... when I get around to it.

When Feedly took their mini-toolbar offline for a revamp earlier this year, I needed to find something to replace the "save for later" feature that was one of my most favorite parts of the service. It took me a while—honestly, I forgot about it for a bit—but this past weekend I found Pocket, an app that seems like it's going to be what I needed and more.

Pocket is a bookmarking service. You add it on to your browser so that you can save a website, image or video to view later. If you're logged in, your links are synced between devices; and if you download the free app, you can take your saved links with you on the go. I haven't put it through the paces, yet, but I like what I see so far.

Here's a screenshot of the main screen of my app:

Now ... to actually read the things I save.


And this week, from the Mister:

Every year, Colt prepares for fantasy football season with the help of ESPN fantasy analyst Matthew Berry. (Yes, this is a real job, and yes—I'm assuming—he gets paid for it.) Berry was in Austin last night, promoting his new book Fantasy Life: The Outrageous, Uplifting, and Heartbreaking World of Fantasy Sports from the Guy Who's Lived It.

As he is a huge Berry fan, Colt, of course, attended the event and brought home his very own signed version of Fantasy Life, which he promptly started reading as soon as he walked in the door. (The quote is in reference to Berry's Fantasy Focus podcast.)

He even got a photo taken with Berry, who, Colt says, was as entertaining in person as he is on TV/the radio.

And from TGG:

A mutual friend of ours recently introduced Wes to Jez Dior, a hip hop artist who just put out his first album, Scarlett Sage. Wes, who is much better versed in hip hop than I am, likens his style to Childish Gambino with a little Jay Z, and Wes' wife Emily says there's a little bit of Macklemore in the mix. Content-wise, Wes says, "he's not nerdy like Childish Gambino, and he's not as self deprecating either, but he's not as boastful as someone like Kanye West."

Here's one of the singles off the album:

And if you're interested in hearing (or having) the entirety of Scarlett Sage, you can stream it here and download it here. (It's legal, I promise.)


  1. I love Pocket. Though I probably save way too much in there and it adds up fast xD

  2. Oh, I can imagine I'll have that problem as well.

  3. Pocket sounds like something I need to have.

  4. It's great! But I can see how it's could just become another bookmark dump ...