August 20, 2013

obsessed.: Bastille's Bad Blood, cyclist Phil Gaimon and the periodic table of elements

Every so often, I hear a song on the radio that strikes me. So I Shazam it, later research the band, and on few occasions fall completely for an entire album (or band's discography). I don't know about you, but I love it when that happens.

Recently, I've become obsessed. with UK band Bastille, thanks to their current radio single "Pompeii" ...

... and their debut album Bad Blood. Which, unfortunately for those of us stateside, won't be released until Sept. 3. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, however, you can listen to the whole thing below.

I hope you enjoy as much as I have!


And from the Mister:

Colt's got a new favorite cyclist, and his name is Phil Gaimon.

Aside from being a good pro cyclist, Colt likes him because of his comedic sensibilities. For examples, see the above photo, which is Phil's Twitter profile photos, and the main page of Phil's website——which features a list of cookie rankings:

I am a firm believer that cookie consumption is directly correlated with happiness. As such, I have had cookies all over the country, and consider myself an expert. This list is a public service, so that no one will ever waste precious calories on a mediocre cookie.

The greatest cookies in America are as follows:
1. Fudge Brownie Chip – Cafe Solterra – Jekyll Island Club Hotel in Glynn County, Georgia
2. Chocolate Chip – Levain Bakery – New York, New York
3. Double Chocolate Chip – Meeting Street Cafe – Providence, Rhode Island
4. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – Woodstar Cafe – Hadley, Massachusetts
5. Amish Chocolate Chip – Javalina – Silver City, New Mexico
6. Cowboy Cookie – Handlebar Coffee – Santa Barbara, California
7. Chocolate Chip – Marie Shannon Bakery – Ventura, California
8. Chocolate Chip – We Three Restaurant and Bakery – Three Rivers, California
9. Vegan Chocolate Chip – Earth, Santa Monica, California
10. Chocolate Truffle – Alcove, Los Feliz, California
11. Chocolate Chip – Mama’s Kitchen – Palomar, California
12. "Le Buzz Cookie" – Le Buzz Coffee Shop, Tucson, Arizona

Please note that a proper cookie is always fresh (or lightly toasted to desired meltiness), and enjoyed with a glass of cold milk. I do accept submissions via mail. For consideration on the list, it must be from a bakery and available to consumers. That’s not to say I won’t appreciate it if you send me a batch that your wife made. Use the contact link to find out where I am. If I test positive from your cookie, I will hunt you down and kill you.

Phil's also a cycling columnist for VeloNews, and recently wrote an article in which he describes a conversation he had with his legs while on a ride. (Read it here.) It's a little over my head, but if you're a cyclist, you'll probably really enjoy it.

And from TGG:

Breaking Bad, one of Wes' favorite shows, is coming to an end next month. Geeks Who Drink, an awesome pub trivia organization, is doing a Breaking Bad-themed quiz the week before the finale. Wes and a team of friends and family are planning on competing, and in order to prepare, the team will be rewatching the entire series and studying the show's trivia.

Wes is taking things one step further and will be making an effort to learn/relearn the periodic table of elements "because the show revolves around chemistry and there's no telling what kind of questions they'll ask outside of basic plot-related items." He hopes this video, from super cool video makers ASAP Science, will help him learn.


  1. Love that song! Good luck to Wes and his team at Geeks Who Drink. That sounds like fun!

  2. Geeks Who Drink is awesome. You should definitely check out their website if you're curious; there's likely one in your area! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing Bastille's album! I seriously need to buy it, Love them.

  4. Cookie ratings. Genius. Man's got his priorities straight. And good luck to Wes!

    I'm kind of really digging that Bastille song...

  5. Aannnddd.... I'm sending that video to the hubs. They are still in prep mode (the kids don't start until Monday) and I bet the Chem teachers would love it.

  6. You're welcome! It's so, so good. I've practically been listening to it on repeat for a week now. :)

  7. Colt shared with me a photo one of Phil's recent races at which a woman in a cookie costume chased him from the sidelines, haha.

  8. Nice! I hope he has an amazing year. :) Is he at a private school? I can't remember.

  9. Nope he's at a public. Rowlett high school outside of Dallas

  10. Is he a member of any of the teacher's groups ("unions") there? (Sorry, it's back to school time and I am in the mode.)