August 07, 2013

Herbert Baglione's "1,000 Shadows"

Psychiatric hospitals have intrigued me for decades, ever since I first watched the bizarre, yet awesome movie 12 Monkeys. (If you've not seen it—you should remedy that immediately!) I realize that they're probably not at all like they're portrayed in the movies—whether that be the gritty, uncomfortable versions like in 12 Monkeys or the creepy, torturer-filled versions of many horror films—but there's something about them that fascinates me, regardless. (Yeah ... I'm odd.)

Combine psychiatric hospitals with abandoned buildings (which I've talked about before) and street art (which I plan on talking about eventually), and you've got a project that fascinates me times three.

Brazilian artist Herbert Baglione took his street art skills to an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Italy and created "1,000 Shadows," an art project that's both powerful and SUPER CREEPY at the same time.

What say you, friends? Is this project up your alley like it is mine? Or have I given you nightmares? (Sorry!)


  1. HOLY CRAP, MANDY. This is fuggin creepy as hell and awesome all at once! I'm gonna pass this post along to le boyfriend because he likes things of this nature (and is a fan of 12 Monkeys) :D

  2. I hope he likes! (And I'm glad you thought it was cool as well as creepy! I'd really hate to give anyone nightmares.)

  3. Such a huge fan of this!!