August 05, 2013

Haiku Revieu: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim (****1/2)

Robots fight monsters
Aliens from underneath
I want a jacket

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. If you've seen a trailer for Pacific Rim, then you know what's in store for the movie. There are very few plot points that aren't covered in the trailers, nor does the movie go much deeper than a battle between robots—in this case, giant, human-driven Jaegers—and monsters—hard-to-kill, from-an-alternate-dimension Kaiju.

The plot of the movie (in case you haven't seen any trailers) isn't complicated. Kaiju come out of a dimensional portal in the depths of the Pacific Ocean and start wreaking havoc on the cities around the Pacific Rim. After realizing that conventional weapons don't really work against the creatures, the world comes together to create Jaegers the size of skyscrapers to fight back against the threat.

All said, I really liked this movie. I liked the characters and story, even if they both fell a little flat at times. I found myself caring about them and the world Guillermo del Toro created. Idris Elba does an impressive job at playing a stern military leader with a heart of gold. (I'm pretty sure Idris is just impressive in general, however.) Rinko Kikuchi plays a pretty decent strong female character with some kick-ass hair. Charlie Day and Burn Gorman are awesome in their roles as scientists with opposing (yet overlapping) viewpoints. Ron Perlman is, well, Ron Perlman. And even though Charlie Hunnam walks around for much of the first half of the movie with his hand holding up his pants (?), I kind of can't help but like him as the partly broken leading man who still has swagger.

The graphics and sets were also quite impressive. I found myself wanting one of the Jaegers to, you know, commute in. (Regardless of how much destruction they cause just by taking a step ...) I also really liked the costuming, particularly the Becket brothers' Gipsy Danger pilot jackets. (So much so that I'm already thinking of creating his'n'hers Jaeger pilot outfits for the Mister and I for Halloween.)

I'm a little confused as to how a sequel will work, but I'll admit to being excited that there will be one.

If you're a fan of action for action's sake (or monsters fighting robots), you'll definitely enjoy this movie.


  1. I loved Pacific Rim, but have found that a good deal of people I know were like "Pft. Really?". I don't understand what's not to like about it - you get EXACTLY what the trailers promise: giant mecha fighting giant monsters. There's enough plot to make it more than just explosions, but nothing mind-blowingly new or different. But still good.

    There are some flat moments, and some flat characters, but overall it was nice to see an ensemble hold their own (for the most part - I still don't remember Charlie Hunnam's character's name, which is saying something) and some refreshing moments in there too.

    I don't know, it was just freaking fun. How can you watch a giant monster get hit with a SHIP and not enjoy the movie?

  2. I reallllllyyyyy wanted to see this but we never did - boooo! I love action for actions sake and also, Jax from Sons of Anarchy, so its a win win surely?

  3. Is it already out of theaters in your part of the world? That's too bad!

    And Charlie's character was a bit ... boring ... but no one really had that much character development. Plus, he's pretty. ;)

  4. Exactly! You hit the nail right on the head.

    And the names of the characters were all a bit ridiculous, but in a good way. Charlie was Raleigh Becket (brother Yancey). And the dad of the father-son Australian team was named Hercules. And then there was Newt ...

  5. I still can't formulate my thoughts about the movie succinctly enough for my liking xD But I'm working on it. Seriously, his name was Hercules? What was Guillermo Del Toro hoping to accomplish with the naming in this movie...?

  6. He was having fun! The Beckets, Herc (and Chuck? That's not as fun.) Hansen, Stacker Pentecost, Newton Geiszler, Hermann Gottlieb, Hannibal Chau ... The list goes on. ;)