August 02, 2013

Friscellany: Mr. August and July's Photo-A-Day

A very happy (second day) of August to you!

Here's Mr. August, come to heat you up cool you down on those seemingly endless 100+ degree days. (Oh, those only happen for weeks on end in Texas?)

(If you'd like to download this for yourself, just click on the image and it'll open in a new window; you can then right/control click and save it. Each page should print at 6"x9".)


And here are my July photos from Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day project:

(View a larger version of June's prompt list here.)

If you're interesting in joining in, August's only just begun! You can find the new list here.

What are your plans for August, friends? Anything fun on the horizon? I hope it's grand, whatever you do.


  1. Oh hello, Chris Hemsworth. Though I'm still a fan of that pop-up sing-along card xD My friend used to buy me them all the time in high school, but never made any tweaks such as that!

  2. I laughed FOR DAYS after receiving it. I love having such hilarious friends who know exactly how to get me. ;)