July 04, 2013

Nerd News: Rufio on OUAT, Sandman prequel, a Terminator reboot and more

Vol. 4, Issue 25

Happy July 4th, y'all! I hope, if you're off work like I am, that you're having a wonderful holiday. If you're not off work, I'm sorry. Here's some nerdy news to make the day go by faster.

In movie news:

Here are a few trailers:

Escape Plan




Kick-Ass 2

In TV news:

Here's the intro for the new cartoon Beware the Batman.


I'm still loving these 90s versions of the GoT characters.




This is an absolutely gorgeous Doctor Who fan video that encompasses clips from various Doctors and Eleven's speech from "The Rings of Akhenaten." (Thanks, Rebecca!)

In gaming news, from TGG:

TGG has also started writing about games for new gaming blog RunJumpFire. It's a larger dose of commentary along with news, and I can tell you from experience that TGG's commentary is totally worth a read.

In SCIENCE! and tech news, from the Mister:

I found a few items:

I want one of these SDCC-exclusive Skottie Young Avengers posters SO BAD.


In comics, books and toy news:

And finally ... I really, really dig this song. (Thanks, Colt!)


  1. I already need to watch Hannibal, but throw David Bowie in there and I won't know what to do with myself.

    Also, my aunt totally sent me that Disney Dudez video to cheer me up one day and I totally died when "Ariel" hopped away xD

  2. Hannibal is SO WEIRD. I can't stop watching, and yet I am super grossed out by every episode, and often pissed at the obtuseness of the characters.