July 01, 2013

Monscellany: June and Gadchick photos-a-day and Mr. July

Here are my June photos from Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day project:

(View a larger version of June's prompt list here.)

If you're interesting in joining in, July's list can be found here.


I also took part in Gadchick's 10-day photo challenge:

(View a larger version of the prompt list here.)


And here's Mister July:

(If you'd like to download this for yourself, just click on the image and it'll open in a new window; you can then right/control click and save it. Each page should print at 6"x9".)

Here's wishing everyone a happy seventh (!) month of 2013! Stay cool, friends.


  1. Helloooo July! I loved doing the Gadchick photo challenge this month. Nice and refreshing :)

  2. 10 days is a nice length of time for people who aren't OCD (*cough*me*cough*) about doing a full year.

    Chris looks so good with a beard! Although, I probably would say that about most guys. ;)

  3. I've totally got a beard thing. Pretty sure a beard could grow a beard and I'd fall head over heels with beard squared.


    This is both hilarious and a little disturbing: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/beardception.

  5. Oh god, what is happening xDD