July 22, 2013

Lusting after ...

I gotta give it to the Internet—there's always something new and exciting just waiting to be wanted. What have I been lusting after lately?

1 | Leggings that combine my love of space with my love of Doctor Who.
2 | A flirty, yet punky, tee.
3 | A mod-looking bathing suit with a fun (and slimming?) pattern.
4 | Fun sweatshirts. (unicorn, polka dot)
5 | Nerdy shirts. (The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Mortal Instruments)

6 | A perfect iPhone case.
7 | Accessories, both comic-inspired and organic. (ring, earrings)
8 | Chunky oxfords with a feminine feel.
9 | A set of beautiful Dana Tanamachi-illustrated children's books.
10 | Subversive bedding.

What about you, friends? What's caught your eye recently?


  1. That Subversive bedding is awesome!

  2. It's a tad girly for a bed shared with a dudefellow, but still—awesome, indeed. :)

  3. That bedding *sigh* too awesome!! I broke my favourite bag yesterday so right now, I am drooling over replacements...so many options....

  4. Aw, I hate when that happens! But then, yes, I love looking for something new. ;)