July 17, 2013

An experiment in (nail) polish

On Sunday, I got my very first gel manicure. (Yay, 30 Before 30 progress!) I went to the Ulta salon, and got the fancy-pants OPI Gelcolor Nail Service. I could have probably gone to pretty much any nail salon, but I liked the variety of colors Ulta offers.

I wanted a color that was somewhat on the neutral side (since it supposedly lasts for weeks), but with a little bit of pizazz (always gotta have pizazz!). I went with a brown-grey with a hint of green called My Private Jet. The pictures below are from day 2.

So far, I'm impressed. I work with my hands on a daily basis—typing is hell on polish—and there's no chipping and almost no wear on the tips. I also moved a whole bunch of boxes around today, and not one chip occurred! The finish is super shiny, too. (I'll continue to take pictures for the next couple of weeks to document the wear.)

I don't know that I'll be getting gel manicures on a frequent basis (there are risks), but I'm glad I can say I tried it at least once.

P.S.—If you missed my bonus post last night, you can check out my submission for the Blogacademy Austin scholarship here!


  1. Oooo, they're gorgeous. :D I love the color!!!

  2. I love gel polish. You chose a great color. I couldn't handle the $50 every two week luxury, so I bought the OPI system from Sephora and I love it. Saves time and money, if you want to commit to it. As for the risks, buy the UV gloves. I look crazy but at least I'm safe!

  3. Thanks, Diana! I'll have to check that out. And the UV gloves? I've never heard of them! Thanks for the tip. :)

  4. Thank you! It's been a very successful experiment so far. ;)