June 19, 2013

The eerie beauty of abandoned observatories

I am oddly fascinated by abandoned buildings, particularly those that had a specific purposes in their former lives—factories, military bases, theme parks (although those aren't really just buildings). I found this list of abandoned observatories a while ago, and meant to share it with you then, but it got shuffled to the bottom of my drafts list. (Apologies!)

I would love to explore these buildings, regardless of the dangers their aging construction might pose.

But I would do it in the daylight. I've seen too many bad horror/sci-fi movies to want to visit a place like this in the dark.

Observatorio Astronomico (Portugal) | Astronomical Observatory (New York)

University of Michigan’s Stinchfield Woods observatory (Michigan) | Tien Shan Mountains observatories (Kazakhstan)

Knightridge Observatory (Indiana) |  Warner & Swasey Observatory (Ohio)

Innisfil Observatory (Canada)

Mohon del Trigo observatory (Spain)
(All photos via.)

Do you have a fascination of this (strange) sort? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Abandoned buildings in general are my weakness. I swear, once a week I find some photo collection online of abandoned houses, buildings, theme parks, cities, etc. and get sucked in, haha. But observatories is a new one - I love it! But creepy at night, yes. Let's stick to daylight.

  2. My husband and I like to nose around empty houses that are being gutted or that have been abandoned in old neighborhoods. We go in broad daylight, so we aren't creepers...LOL! There is a house across the street from his brother that we have been keeping tabs on...they are renovating, and it looks soooo different from when we saw it first. So fun to be nosey!

  3. It's a bittersweet fascination. On the one hand, the buildings are beautiful, but on the other, it's sad to think that they've outlived their purpose.

  4. Ha! That's awesome. I bet it's fun to see a building change so much.

  5. They really are, but yeah, it's sad to see something so beautiful turn desolate and just sit there D,:

  6. Some might say that this is what brought me and one of my best friends together—whenever we find a cool abandoned something-or-other link, we email it to each other immediately. We have yet to do it in person, though.

  7. That's awesome! I hope you get to explore together soon. <3