June 05, 2013

Recent concerts: Dave Matthews and the Postal Service

The Mister and I have attended a couple of concerts in the past couple of weeks, both of which were excellent. The first one was to see the Dave Matthews Band, Colt's favorite band to see live. (I think this was his fifth time seeing them?)

The concert was held at a fancy outdoor amphitheater outside of Austin. We had lawn seats, and although it was a little far away, being able to sit down and relax during the show was awesome.

The girl in the middle center was one of the sign language interpreters. They were having so much fun!

The second concert was a very different show, but no less excellent. Ra Ra Riot opened for The Postal Service at a stadium a little north of our apartment. Colt has decided it was an "old person concert;" it was on a Sunday evening and we were home by 9:40 p.m. (I just think the short show stemmed from the fact that they only have one album.) Great show, though!

Have you been to any good concerts lately?


  1. I forgot the Postal Service show was Sunday. We got caught in the traffic coming home and were talking about how we need to keep a schedule of Cedar Park Center events handy so we know when to avoid going home that way.

    We saw Paul McCartney the night you were at Dave Matthews and it was soooo gooood. Emily will agree. I lost count of how many times she cried and screamed. It was like watching her do a one woman re-enactment of any video you've ever seen of a crowd at a Beatles concert.

    311 used to be my Dave Matthews band. I saw them at least once a year until either they got too expensive or I got too cheap to pay the higher ticket prices. I've probably seen them 6 or 7 times if I had to guess. I'd like to see them again, but they're getting to be an old people show too. They do cruises now! That makes me feel super old.

  2. That would be so amazing to see the Postal Service live! We don't get to see a lot of concerts due to our location, but last summer we got a chance to see Dawes and Mumford and Sons, it was such an amazing show! I still think of it on a weekly basis!

    These photos are beautifully shot!

  3. I miss summer concerts. Or even just concerts in general. I think the last band I saw live was VNV Nation, a whopping 2 years ago

  4. I'm actually not really that big on concerts—I don't like crowds—but in both cases we had seats with space around us, so I was cool with it. (Not that you asked, haha!)

    Are there not a lot of concerts near you? Living in Austin, we could pretty much go to a concert every night if we wanted, but there's a. not enough time for that and b. not enough money.

  5. They were really, really good. Ben Gibbard was hilariously dancy the whole time, too, which I didn't expect. (Dude's wiggly!)

    I bet Mumford would be an amazing concert!

    And thank you for the kind words about the photos! I don't think of myself as a photographer and just attempted to make sure they weren't entirely blurry, haha.

  6. Em and my mom will have to trade stories sometime. (My mom actually saw the Beatles live.)

    And I've never seen 311. Did they get jammy? I feel like they could be jammy. (Colt loves that about Dave, but ... I tend to get bored during those bits.)

  7. My husband is in a band and we love going to shows! Although since we've had Amelia I haven't been to any. I love going to Austin! My husband's band usually plays at SXSW, and we've caught some really good shows there! Our fav live show so far has been Devotchka.

  8. For as much as I don't like people, and especially people in swarms, I don't mind concerts. I feel like a lot of the ones I've been to in Pittsburgh have been pretty cozy (the venues I frequent most tend to be small, repurposed spaces, like a converted church, art gallery, and old movie theater rather than large amphitheaters).

    There aren't a TON of concerts here, or at least of bands that I tend to like. We get a fair share though, I think it just has something to do with weird entertainment tax laws. I mean, there are a bunch of local bands playing here and there, but I haven't been to one of those kinds of concerts since high school xD Otherwise, big names will play the pavilions, and the fun bands play the little venues when they can.

  9. They can get a little jammy, mainly during breakdowns/bridges of songs. There is a little drum solo on one song that they turn into a full band extended drum solo which is pretty cool. Generally speaking, though, they stick to established songs. DMB is definitely a jam band, 311 is alternative and more rock structured. I appreciate both.

  10. Gotcha. I'm somewhat familiar with their music, but you never know how a band will be when they're live.

  11. Interesting. I think I've just gotten used to living in a place where music is everywhere, all the time.

    I grew up in a tiny town far removed from any sort of musical scene, however, so I know how that feels.

  12. That's cool! What kind of music does he play?

    I've actually never been to anything official during the music portion of SXSW, even though I've lived here for 6+ years. I'm always a bit daunted by the cost for everything SXSW related and the sheer number of people that are downtown during the month of March. :)

  13. His band is called Thrift Store Cowboys and the sound is hard to describe but it gets called desert rock a lot.

    SXSW isn't as fun as it was 6 years ago. It's gotten too mainstream and big name musicians show up trying to revive their careers. Also the amount of people is crazy now, making it hard to get into the free parties and all that. So yes, super expensive. We miss the good old days full of free food, beer, and stuff. I love going to South Congress though!

  14. I'll have to check them out!

    And I can see that. The whole event just takes over Austin for the month, and more and more events seem to be sponsored by or promotions for some larger company.