June 18, 2013

obsessed.: Judi Dench's saucy crafts, a bike T-shirt and Boot the Foot

Yesterday, I found out something amazing about a particularly amazing lady: Dame Judi Dench, in her downtime on movie sets, does needlework—of curses and rude phrases.
But perhaps the most arresting memory that they take away from being on set with living legend Judi Dench is not her boundless fascination with acting but her penchant for subversive needlework. Her work certainly did not resemble the delicately stitched roses of a Mrs. Bennet. "She makes these like needlework embroideries on set in the tedium of filming", says MacFadyen, "but they are all: 'You Are a C***'. And she gives them as presents. And it's Dame Judi Dench. And she is doing this beautifully, intricate, ornate (work). You kind of see the work materializing as the shoot goes on. Like: 'You Are a F***ing Shit.' Knightley never received her embroidered cushion from Dench but remarks: "I love that! She gives this fantastic air. She just sits there and she embroiders and you think: 'Oh, that's so nice! It's Judi Dench. It's so quaint; she's embroidering a cushion,' and you go: 'What are you embroidering?' And (it says): 'F***!' Apparently she's got hundreds of them just covered in swear words or rude sayings. (via, via)
Is that not just the best thing ever? She's the coolest. I'm now pretty positive that you have to be a total badass to become a Dame, and I love it.

I see that saucy glint in your eye, Dame Judi.


And this week, from the Mister:

Colt's collection of pop culture tees is not quite as large as mine, but he does have 100-percent more shirts with bikes or bike-related jokes on them than I do. (Since, well, I have none.) His latest edition is a cheeky comment on Lance Armstrong and the culture that surrounds professional cycling.

(Not Colt.)

He's a bit bummed that not enough people comment on it when he's out and about, so if you see him wearing it, do say something? It would make his day.

P.S.—This shirt is only $6 at 6DollarShirts.com! Surprisingly good quality and great customer service.

And from TGG:

If you're still getting to know him, you might not know that Wes is a (huge) fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so it's a bit surprising that he hasn't submitted an obsessed. item about TMNT until now. (There was that one obsessed. on TMNT that I apparently wrote in my sleep ... but TGG totally wouldn't have abused his admin privileges for that ...) Wes' submission today is Boot the Foot, a collaborative effort of two artists, Skummie and BeastPop (SkummBeast), to have all of their online artist friends submit their own take on some of their favorite TMNT characters and then answer a few basic questions about their relationship to the TMNT franchise.

I scrolled through the first couple of pages on the Tumblr and pulled out a couple I really liked. To be completely honest, I'm not really familiar with TMNT characters past the familiar main ones, so I don't know who a lot of the side characters are, but regardless, they make for some very cool illustrations.

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