June 04, 2013

obsessed.: Cardigans, GeoGuessr and Nacho Vigalondo

When it comes to clothes, when I find something I like and that fits well, I often end up buying it in multiple colors. One of my favorite items of clothing is the cardigan sweater—I think I have at least 10 in a variety of colors and lengths.

Not my closet. (via)

I wear a cardigan pretty much every day. At work, I wear a cardigan to a. keep my style somewhat professional (i.e., hide the giant tattoo) and b. because it is often freezing in my cubical. On the weekends, I love the pairing of a nerdy tee, skinny jeans and a cardigan. There's really nothing this type of sweater doesn't go with.

My recent favorite style is the Boyfriend Cardi from Old Navy. It comes in 13 different colors (and is currently on sale). I have the Sea Salt, Dark Heather Grey and the Royal Rowena (pictured below). I couldn't not get that last one—it shares a name with the lady for whom my Harry Potter house is named and it's nearly TARDIS blue.

P.S.—This image came up in the top 20 photos when I searched "cardigan" on Pinterest:


It's a lovely lace pattern, I suppose?


And this week, from the Mister:

GeoGuessr is a browser-based geography game that tests your knowledge of world landscapes (and your ability to pick up on context clues).

The game uses photos from Google with anything that might make it completely obvious what country you're looking at fuzzed out. It's your job to guess where in the world that photo was taken. You can zoom in, scroll around and then make your guess. It sounds kind of boring, but it's surprisingly fun.

Colt's really quite good at it; I'm ... OK.

And from TGG:

Nacho Vigalondo is a Spanish filmmaker who Wes first became aware of when he heard him speak at about storytelling in video games vs. film two or three years ago. "I didn't know who he was, but he's is an insanely interesting and hilarious person to hear speak," he says. Last December, a friend of Wes' interviewed Nacho on his podcast (which you can listen to here—a warning, it's long), and Wes was reminded to check him out. Wes and his wife watched two of Nacho's films over the weekend—Timecrimes and Extraterrestrial—and really enjoyed both of them. (Both movies are on Netflix; Timecrimes is on streaming and Extraterrestrial is available via DVD.)

As a taste of what to expect from Nacho's filmmaking, here's his 2003 Oscar-winning short film, "7:35 de la MaƱana."


  1. haha....you've basically described my weekend uniform there:) I'm also a HUGE fan of cardigans....especially patterned ones! My current favourite has stud on it:)

  2. I could not live without cardigans, I dont think I could make an outfit without them. Cheers.

  3. Yes! Cardigans! I'm addicted to them! Though, what is up with the crazy lace-clad dude xD

  4. I'm addicted to cardigans and blazers! Sadly it's 100+ degrees here and wearing a cardigan could kill you! Lol

  5. Oh, Shawna, I know those feels. I have to take mine off each time I leave the office and then put it back on when I return. (Where are you at, if I might ask?)

  6. Thank you! I'm glad someone commented on him, haha! <3

  7. They're just so versatile! Cropped, long, with pockets, without ... There are so many options and so many colors/patterns! :)

  8. Nice! Again, you have excellent taste. And I would love one with studs on it!

  9. I live in Lubbock, Texas. We have the craziest weather! It was 106 two days ago, today in the 80's.

  10. Yikes! That's even worse than Austin. I am dreading when then 100 degree days hit.

  11. I feel like it's one of those last cookie on the tray type scenarios, where no one wants to call it out xD But dude. DUUUUDE. I almost spit out my coffee when I scrolled and saw him, hahaha.

  12. That is exactly the reaction I was hoping for.