June 06, 2013

Nerd News: Guardians of the Galaxy casting, goodbye 11, Mars rats and more

Vol 4., Issue 21

Hello friends! I'm sure you've heard, but the biggest news of the past week was that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who. I've heard a lot of rumors flying around about who might be right for the role, but tell me—who would you love to see play 12?

In movie news:

Here are some trailers/clips:

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters


Kick-Ass 2


Man of Steel


This is the End (This is a red-band; i.e., NSFW.)


Mondo's releasing a neat Wizard of Oz poster at some point today.


The guy in Paperman has nothing on Tony Stark (or James T. Kirk, for that matter).


Love this celebration of Edgar Wright's Cornetto Trilogy. (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and the new The World's End.)


Han is so perfect for pulp novels.


In TV news:

Here are a few promo teasers:

The 100

The Originals


The Tomorrow People

(All via)

In comics/books/toys news:

Superman and Batman tattoos? Really, Diana?


I'd totally read these books to future little Murtises.


In gaming news, from TGG:

Mine of Steel. Get it? Get it? (Thanks, TGG.)


Glen Brogan's art is amazing. These are some of the selections from his current show at Gallery 1988 East:


In SCIENCE! and tech news, from the Mister:

I found a few items as well:

And finally (to bookend today's post with Who): the latest episode of Doctor Puppet!


*Not really.**


  1. Even more than who will be 12, I'm curious how long Clara will be sticking around...
    And I'm torn on how I feel about it. Ha ha. I don't feel too attached to her, but that's probably because she hasn't been around long enough, so she should stay. BUT that would make her only the second companion (after Rose, er- and Jack) to stay with the Doctor in two incarnations, something that seemed special for Rose. BUT if she and Matt both leave, it will be like the beginning of season 5 when we had a new Doctor AND a new companion (and a new TARDIS), which was a bit of a shock to the system.
    I think we're all ready for a DW change, but I'm not sure how much change is too much change...

  2. i think i'd be okay with clara sticking around for maybe half of the next season- but maybe she could be like "it's just not the same" and bail out... i hope for this mostly because i don't really like clara. "/ i find her bland and not nearly as interesting as they wanted her to be. however i'm beyond ready for matt smith to move on. he's just not m cup of flailing, goofy, eyebrowless tea.

  3. Agreed! It's her relationship with The Doctor that doesn't sit well with me. She was made out to be another important person to The Doctor, but doing that right after "The Girl Who Waited" seemed like they were following a companion story structure. Yawn. Change it up. After Rose left, The Doctor couldn't connect to Martha in a deeper way. After losing the Ponds AND River, there should have been more of a weird mourning period. So, I think Clara served her purpose of saving The Doctor, or whatever, so now it's on to new adventures! I suppose the new Doctor might not need to mourn the Ponds as much like when he changed to Eleven, he just moved on with Amy, cuz he let everyone before go, along with himself...
    That was a longer ramble than I expected lol

  4. Finally just reading this now and OH MY EFFING GAWD THERE'S GOING TO BE A FABLES MOVIES?!?!?!?! I just finished vol.18 today! And I'm still bummed that Matt Smith is leaving DW (he's my Doctor), but I'm all for Tom Hiddleston becoming the 12th Doctor! I can't really think of any other actors that I'd like to see fill the role, but then again I am biased because... well, Tom Hiddleston <3

  5. You're ahead of me on the Fables game. I need to catch up!

    And Hiddles makes EVERYTHING better. I just fear that if he were to become the 12th Doctor, he wouldn't have time for movies.