June 10, 2013

DIY-deas: Galaxy tee, pet pillows, paint-dipped jars and a no-sew tank

Hello friends! I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was pretty packed—errands on Saturday during the day, a long bike ride around downtown Austin Saturday night, projects yesterday during the day, then book club and a birthday dinner for a friend. Did y'all do anything particularly fun?

To be totally honest, I've not completed any of the projects I posted in the first DIY-deas post, but there isn't a pause button on Pinterest. Here are a few more ideas I've run across recently.

Punk Projects | Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt

This was probably my most favorite crafts Katie did during her Star Trek crafts week. I love galaxy/space look and this is one of the best tutorials I've seen on how to achieve an awesome looking result. (Plus, the little Enterprise at the bottom is just too adorable.)

Moomah | Pet Pillows 

I'm pretty sure I need to make like five different versions of Mollie pillows, don't you think?

Oh Happy Day | Paint-Dipped Baby Food Jars

I would use this DIY for more than just baby food jars. Vases, glasses. candle holders—the sky's the limit The technique is simple, and yet the results are so cool looking.

Urban Threads | No-Sew Workout Tee

I struggle to find tank tops that fit me correctly, but I like to wear them both while working out and just as an alternative to my T-shirts. This looks like a really easy DIY, and the results are quite cute.

Have you found any awesome DIY ideas lately?


  1. Oh my, what a great round up! I love those pet pillow, I think I might have to make one of my little hedgehog.

  2. the pet pillow is awesome. i need my cats on my couch. and i think the workout tee looks quite as comfy as the galaxy tee is cool!

  3. I think a whole passel of animal pillows on a couch would look awesome. :)

  4. YOU HAVE A HEDGIE?! I am jealous. They're so cute! Are they fun pets?