May 14, 2013

obsessed.: "My Suit & Tie Life," Chris Hatfield and Everything Everything

I'm cheating a bit using this song as this week's obsessed.—the Mister is actually the one who introduced me to it—but from the very first listen, I haven't been able to get enough.

Although he was my second 'N Sync love—I might have originally thought Lance was the dreamiest—I've been a Justin Timberlake fan for more than a decade now. He's probably the funniest thing to hit SNL since the show's heyday, and he's brought the sexy of vests and tiny hats back in a big way. I'm also a huge fan of mashups/remixes, which is why they've showed up in this series more than once. The song below combines my love of the remix genre with my adoration of J. Timbs.

I actually think it improves on the original, but ... I'm not a huge fan of The 20/20 Experience as a whole. (Sorry, Justin.)


And this week, from the Mister:

Today was Commander Chris Hatfield's last day on the International Space Station. Colt's a huge Hatfield fan; he views him as a real-life hero. (I totally agree!) Very few astronauts have been as engaging or as educational as Hatfield; I mean, the guy tweets photos from space!

As a goodbye to his time on the station, Hatfield created this beautiful cover of David Bowie's "Space Odyssey." When Colt shared it with me earlier today, a breeze blew some dust in my eye.

And from TGG:

Wes discovered this band, Everything Everything, a few months ago and really loved their music right off the bat. He was hard pressed to pick a favorite track, but here's the video for their first single, "Cough Cough," from their second album Arc.


  1. 2 songs in a row Wes, really I'm gonna start thinking you don't even like turtles...

  2. Technically my picks have been bands/albums but for the sake of brevity I only submit one track. And Mandy already did a TMNT obsessed. A while ago so I have to keep it interesting. Plus, as I explained to her, I've been too busy over the last few weeks to be properly obsessed with anything.