May 07, 2013

obsessed.: Crimer Show (plus the new Contributor Contribution Corner!)

So ... today's obsessed. is going to be a little hard to explain. A few weeks ago, TGG sent me a link to an article describing the latest thing to hit Twitter: Crimer Show. I was occupied at the time with other things, so it took me a couple of days to give it the attention it deserved. At first, I was like, "WTF?" but soon the charm and hilarity of this Twitter "show" drew me in.

What is Crimer Show? According to the official website:
"Its is crimes show of supere Coole crimes man. Names is Crimer .
You hered of him ? Youbet yor Hat you hered of him!
Youm evere seee him ? Nowaey . Cos nobodey has Evere catc Crimer ."

Basically, the "show" is a series of misspelled and garbled tweets about the crimes of a master criminal (Crimer). Crimer's nemesis is a police detective (Detetcive), who has some serious addiction (to Melk) issues and crazy anxiety (which causes terbil draems), thanks to Crimer's ability to commit #somuchcrimes. The tweets are all combined into episodes (eppasods), which are then housed here. (You can read Crimer Show from the start at that link; I highly recommend it.) A bunch of other characters make appearances from time to time. There's even a puppy involved.

The daily tweets look a little something like this:

In the article TGG sent me, the creator of the show, who goes by the name Astonishing Sod, says this about the origin of Crimer:
"Well, a bit of background might help. Last August, I created Freints, which is a misspelled and demented Twitter re-imagining of that beloved sitcom. Each tweet is an episode I dream up, written in the same Englesque language you encounter in Crimer Show. Then, three weeks ago, this idea crept into my head. I couldn’t stop laughing at it for three whole days. I was like a frightening idiot. I shaped and reshaped it in my head as I padded about the house, until it was ready. So I designed the Twitter avatar for the account, set it up, posted the first few tweets, then linked it to my existing Freints account as a 'show-within-a-show.' The rest is mystery."
If it all sounds utterly confusing and ridiculous, you might currently be stuck at the WTF phase of the story. But I honestly think that if you give it a go (puts on sunglasses), you will come to enjoy it as much (or more) as I do.


And this week, in the brand-new Contributor Contribution Corner*:

From The Mister:

Colt is crazy into cycling, and all that comes with it, so he's pumped about the start of the Giro d'Italia, a yearly bicycle race that consists of multiple stages and runs through (mostly) Italy. It's one of cycling's most famous races (along with the Tour de France and Vuelta a EspaƱa). You can learn more about it here, and watch it live here.

From TGG:

One of Wes' favorite bands, Streelight Manifesto, recently released a new album (amidst a bunch of crap tactics from the band's label, which you can read more about here). The video above is the title track from the new album, The Hands that Thieve. (If the video above gets taken down, you can listen on Grooveshark.)

*I'd love to know your thoughts on this addition to the series. Let me know in the comments?


  1. Wes, I'm disappointed your contribution was not TMNT related...

  2. So the Giro d'Italia was known even far from here ... The tour passes under my house! Nice blog :D

  3. That's so neat! And thank you. Honestly, the only reason I know about the reace is because of my husband, but it's definitely known in the cycling community here in the US.

  4. He can't do TMNT all the time! Actually, he probably could, but I'd ask him not to. ;)