May 22, 2013

Lusting after ...

You'll likely notice right off the bat, but I'm introducing a new look in this edition of Lusting After ... Please let me know which layout you prefer, the new or the old. I feel like this one is a little easier to navigate, but the other does allow for larger images.

So, what have I been lusting after lately?

1 | A summery purse that reminds me of the sea.
2 | A quirky Band-Aid-inspired ring.
3 | Skull and gem jewelry. (cuff, triple skull, single skull)
4 | Tiny star stud earrings in, surprisingly, shades of gold. (rose gold, gold)
5 | Initial necklaces, both chunky and dainty; M+B would be M+C, of course. (M+B, large M)
6 | Amazing birch tree wall decals.

7 | A La Mer Collection watch, even though I often forget to wear the watches I already own. (copper, neon, black)
8 | Shoes of all shapes and sizes. (Converse wedges, glitter sandals, boots)
9 | Patio furniture that's made to fit smaller spaces.

What about you? What's caught your eye recently?


  1. Love your choices, especially the double initial necklace! :)
    Also, i really like this layout. Very aesthetically pleasing. ;)

  2. I'm down with the new layout! Visually, collages and I get along quite well. And the patio furniture? I don't know why that's so appealing to me xD

  3. I've, oddly enough, been really digging combining metallic tones lately. I have mostly silver, but I like adding a bit of normal gold and bronze into the mix.

    And thanks! I like it a lot, too. Always a work in progress around here! ;)

  4. I'm glad you like it! And I think the trees would look awesome on a dusty purple. We've got a dark blue wall in our bedroom that I was thinking they'd look awesome on.

  5. Thank you!

    EVERY TIME I go to Target, I end up wandering by this set and wistfully hoping that it will be on sale more than $50 off. I just can't justify spending $400 on it, regardless of how much I love it.

  6. That's the thing with Target, it's not that a patio set isn't practical, it's just that Target gets most of my paycheck before I do xD Sales are better :)

  7. The new layout looks great:) Also I LOVE that skull awesome.