May 06, 2013

Haiku Revieu: Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 (*****)

Tony is broken
The Mandarin wreaks havoc
Tony is Tony

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. I can't go too in-depth with this review without giving things away—which is pretty surprising considering the crazy amount of footage we saw prior to the movie's release—but I can say: Marvel does it right yet again. Iron Man 3 is on par with (if not better) than the original. SUCH a good movie.

At the beginning of the film, Tony is broken. He's experiencing post-traumatic stress thanks to the events of The Avengers. Dealing with aliens, gods and the whole nearly dying in the cold of space has turned Tony's world upside down. He's still as enigmatic as ever, but there's a fragility underlying the bravado. I think it helps to drive home that Tony Stark is just a man in a suit, not a superhero with powers. He's a brilliant, rich, handsome man, yes, but he's a man nonetheless. Robert Downey Jr. does a superb job of bringing this Tony to life (natch).

Tony is soon drawn into a battle with super villain The Mandarin and, in his quest to find the man and destroy him, finds out that nothing is what it seems. Sir Ben Kingsley is a wonderful addition to the cast as The Mandarin. I won't go into detail, but the role surprised me, and through it, Kingsley proves to me that he's an actor worthy of his Oscar. (It also made me think that he'd be a really interesting dinner guest.)

The dynamic between Tony and a kid he meets ... in a place ... in the middle of his quest for vengeance, is one of my favorite things about the movie. He and the kid more on the same level, with the same kind of thoughts and actions, than anyone else in the film. Tony really is just a giant man child at times, and his interactions with a kid who's a little ahead of his years are absolutely perfect.

Eventually, the Tony we've come to know and love returns. Well, sort of. Some things happen at the very end of the movie that confuse me as to the future of Iron Man, but I suppose I'll just have to wait (impatiently) and see what's to come.

The show is somewhat stolen, however, by the myriad of Iron Man suits. (Tony has obviously been using his whole not sleeping thing pretty wisely.) They each have a bit of personality, and the way they help out the team makes for a very impressive action sequence.

Also—Be sure to stick around for the post credits scene. It's amazing, because of reasons. (Do not click on that link unless you want it spoiled for you. Thanks for sharing it with me, TGG!)

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  1. AUUUUGH, the killer reviews this film is getting has me SO EXCITED to see it. Tony Stark is my favorite character in any of the superhero/action films that have been released in recent years, and I was already planning on seeing the movie, but the positive thoughts I've seen, basically across the board, has me even more interested. :)

  2. ricky and i both said that tony with the kid was the best part. their interactions were the most true for something that could have ended up tragically gimmick. i also though sir ben did a fantastic job. people really complained when he was cast because he is (obviously) not mandarin- but the way it all pans out... this casting was perfect. and seriously i want him to be my friend now- he seems like a lot of fun for some reason. i had already seen the secret ending before the movie so when the credits ended i got to turn and watch ricky to see his mind blown. totally worth it.

  3. BECAUSE OF REASONS!!!!! I stayed because I knew there had to be SOMETHING but was pleasantly surprised by that :) And I LOVED IM3 - right up there with the first as a contender for my favorite. I won't contribute to spoilers for everyone else, but Kingsley as The Mandarin - not what I was expecting, but well done, and the kid, and the hilariousness. Loved it.

  4. I was honestly expecting a bit more of a teaser for a different Phase 2 movie, but I am super OK with what they gave us.

  5. Yeah, haters gonna hate. But they're also going to be totally embarrassed for bitching about something that turns out great in the end.

  6. It's fantastic. A definite must-see.

  7. I'm totally spoiled and let down when movies don't have post-credit scenes now. ;)

  8. I KNOW! If a movie doesn't have something, I feel totally robbed. But at least sitting through the credits lets me play the funny name game.

  9. You do that too? We are so meant to be. <3

  10. I'm not the only one! :) Soulmates!