April 16, 2013

obsessed.: Pixel People

It's a rare iOS game that can catch my attention and keep it for long. I've kept a few around, but I often grow bored with a game in a matter of days and delete it without ever getting very far. I really enjoy Sims-type games, but I find that their replay value tends to be low. Recently, however, I gave into trying yet another one—I'm not sure how long it'll stick around, but I am currently obsessed.

Pixel People is an adorable and witty world-building game. It's part Sims and part SimCity. The basic idea is to build a city called Utopia with clones. These clones, who you give professions by splicing together two already available genes, "come with" new city buildings. These make you money, which, in turn, you use to buy more land. (And so forth.)

The game doesn't require a whole lot of thought, but is entertaining nonetheless. I especially enjoy the occasional snark that comes along with specials screens. Take these for example:

(I marked off the clones' "recipes," so as to not spoil the game if you decide to try it out.)

Another thing I like about it: The game is a freemium one, but I've had it for a few days now and haven't felt like I'm behind because I haven't bought anything to help me along.

Have any of you tried this one? Does the newlywed period last longer than a week?


P.S.—My thoughts and love go out to the people in Boston yesterday who were affected by the Marathon bombings. I went to college in Massachusetts and have a lot of friends who still live in that area. Humans can be such bastards sometimes.

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