April 09, 2013

obsessed.: Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One collector's set

Nearly nine months of waiting and it's finally here!

Not only are the the BluRay sleeves gorgeous, but the amount of thought and creativity that went into this set makes all the waiting worth it.

I mean, check out some of the details of the included files:

Thor's hospital bracelet. Tony's original Iron Man sketches. Steve's military papers. Newspaper clippings, book pages, redacted classified information ...

Coulson's business card. (Why yes, I did try calling his mobile.)


You think Loki's going to come steal it?*


*A girl can dream ...

P.S.—Sorry for the cruddy photos; I was too excited to wait for natural light!


  1. This is AMAZING!!! Looks totally worth the wait; always appreciate a box that puts a lot of creative effort into it!! (COULSON!!!! I would've tried calling too xD)

  2. That's SO AWESOME! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be over there in that corner being all kinds of jealous and stuff...

  3. The outside box is a tad plasticy, but on the whole, it's a superb piece to add to any Avengers collection.

  4. That is amazingly cool...wow!!