April 19, 2013

My dream cars

Some unexpected car issues this week got me thinking about what having a new car would be like, which then led to me thinking about the cars I would love to have if money—and gas mileage—were no object.

1971 Chevy Nova, fire engine-red:


I was once thisclose to owning one of these.* I ran across one at a car show in my later years of high school. It was on sale for around $8,500 and I asked my parents to buy it for me. They said "the car or college." I said the car ... Turns out they weren't serious.

1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, white with wood panels:


1966 Ford Bronco, royal (TARDIS?) blue with removable hard top:


I've definitely got a thing for old-school steel.** What about you guys? What are your dream cars?

*Not really.
**I can't really pull that off, can I.


  1. 1965 ford mustang fastback. i've been asking for one since i was 13. i imagine that i will get one as my "midlife crisis" car. ")


  2. I have such love for old cars. My first car was a 1983 Mini Clubman...as old as me and so light on petrol!! These days, I'd love a Volvo Amazon or a Ford Capri, both in black:)

  3. I had to Google what a Clubman looks like—ADORABLE. And the Amazon and Capri are gorgeous cars, too. You have excellent taste.

  4. Muscle cars are THE BEST. I sincerely hope you can get one someday.

  5. I believe everyone of us has that certain fancy for all
    things vintage. :) My dream car is a Dodge Challenger, preferably the
    '69 edition. <3 The '71 Chevy nova pretty much remind me of it
    actually. They're both hot muscle cars with very well-defined body
    frames. Also very distinct from today's sedans. Ava^.^

  6. Thanks for the comment, Ava! And yes, I love the late 60s Challengers, too. :)