April 08, 2013

Lusting after ...

It's been a while since I've posted one of these, but even though I've been preoccupied with other things (work, life ... Tomb Raider), I've still run across a few items that have caught my eye. Such as:

This awesome phone dock:

Although I wish it came in red (to go along with my collection).

These hilarious shades:

Jaime of ShezCrafti has some similarly awesome pink ones.

This necklace:

I'll always love the moon and stars.

And this one:

My love of minimalism extends to jewelry, too.

This cuff:

I love the (possibly unintentional?) Wonder Woman-esque design.

This ring:

It's super tiny, so it's got a delicate badassery about it.

This jacket:

I've been itching for a motorcycle jacket for a while now, and I love the added fun of the studs. [Edited to appease the critics.]

This dress:

It's a great cut and color combo for summer, and the sleeves are a nice change to the many strapless/skinny straps out there.

These khakis:

I can't wear jeans to work Monday through Thursday, but that doesn't mean I can't wear color!

These cute sneaker flats:

I have a pair of neon yellow+grey ballet flats that are super similar (thanks again, Jen!), but I just can't get enough of this color combo.

These sandals:

Love the little bit of heel and the rich color.

These flats:

How can you resist hologram?

This set of nail polish.

I've always been a fan of green, so I'm totally on board with it being the color of the year.

These mugs.

Both the shape and the color are great.

This chair.

The yellow would go nicely with the decor in our library.

How about you, friends? Have you found anything lustworthy online lately?


  1. "I've been itching for a motorcycle-style jacket for a while now..."

    Silly, Mandy. You're not a motorcycle!

  2. I've got white and green pixel shades now too, thanks to 8 Bit Zombie!

    The stuff I've been lusting after is all TMNT related.

  3. I LOVE this list!! That skull ring is awesome, yet dainty. I have three pairs of the colored khakis (mine are the Old Navy version), including the red and they are, by far, my favorite pants! Not that I really need more mugs, but I *need* those Starbucks ones!!

    And, of course, you are very welcome! ;)

  4. Delicate badassery is my new favourite saying...thanks for that:) Also love the shades and the nail polish!

  5. Haha! You're very welcome.

  6. I meant to say something about this last night, but my brain was elsewhere. The blue pants I was wearing are the Old Navy version. :) Their red wasn't quite red enough for me.

  7. Haha, awesome. You're a total inspiration.

  8. i'm kinda in love with that chair. because we're moving shortly i'm pretty much lusting after home goods and things for the boys. elijah's room is star wars themed- so this: http://dontyouwishyouhadsomemore.blogspot.com/2011/08/intergalactic-planetary.html

    and since i'll be getting to decorate my first guest room ever- pretty much everything on this board:http://pinterest.com/rss1138/guest-room/

    and pretty much everything Tom Whalen (http://strongstuff.net)- we just got the toy story, monsters inc, and wreck it ralph posters for micah's bedroom

  9. What fun, Rebecca. I love the mostly grey and yellow scheme you've got going on that Pinterest board.

  10. i don't know if we're going to end up that way- we are going to set up the bed and furniture that was left to me and then after we are done hanging art in the rest of the house we're going to take everything leftover and see what works together and then decorate around the art. so who knows what color scheme that will me. the furniture is all golden brown so we'll have to factor that in too... especially since every other piece of wood furniture (including the baby crib) is black.

  11. That's a really smart plan! :)