April 24, 2013

Fictional Fancies: Topher Brink

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Today's Fictional Fancy is brought to us by Rhianne, who shares her gorgeous photos and glimpses into her life at For the Easily Distracted ... Although Topher wasn't exactly a "good" guy in Dollhouse, he was an interesting and complex character. Also: The Mister and I saw Fran in an airport once, and he's as cuddly looking in real life as he is on screen.

Today I am going to share my favourite Fictional Fancy—Topher from Josh Whedon's underrated and way too short television series, Dollhouse.

First though I'm just going to admit it—I think that this man is beautiful. I mean look at him—he has a gorgeous jaw line, a dimply chin and hair I want to ruffle all day long.

However, amazingly, the appeal of Topher Brink isn't his dashing good looks or nerdy selection of layered clothing ... the appeal is him—the mannerisms, the bad jokes, the unquestionable intelligence and ultimately his growth across the two series of Dollhouse.

At the start of series 1, Topher is initially shown as an amoral genius, too wrapped up in his own work and abilities to realise the impact of his actions around him, however as he develops relationships with the characters around him, his outlook expands causing him to start questioning his actions and morals, before eventually falling in love and realising that he has something to fight for and against.

Being a Josh Whedon character, however, Topher's growth is gradual and subtly done, and its not until you watch "Epitaph 1" and see Topher as a broken man that you realise quite how much you like him and depend on his silly sense of humour. You also realise that Topher makes the characters around him better people—Adele DeWitt being one relationship that Topher develops over the series, resulting in unexpectedly touching scenes between them—something neither of them seemed capable of at the start of show.

P.S.—Also, an exciting bit of trivia for you: Fran Kranz didn't take part in the lake scene in Cabin in the Woods as he was "ripped like muscular Jesus" (as stated in the Cabin in the Woods commentary) and in better shape than Chris Hemsworth ... yup, Topher was fitter than Thor! Now if only I could find a photo of him without all the layers on!

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