March 08, 2013

There's still time to take the 2013 C&CC Reader Survey

Happy Friday!

I haven't mentioned it at all this week, but ... if you haven't already, please take the 2013 C&CC Reader Survey! It closes Wednesday (March 13).

And if you already have, thank you! You're awesome. And, well, even if you haven't—you're still awesome.


I've got a bonus question for all of you: What are the first 3–5 things you think of when you think of this blog (or, by proxy, me)? They can be anything—just go with the first few things that pop into your head.



  1. For me, the first thing I think of when I visit Chocolate & Cream Cake (or read your posts in my RSS feed, natch), is Nerd News.

    As for you, as a person, the first things I think of are: coffee, vampires, books, Loki, and fabulous hair. Not necessarily in that order, but I'm being totally serious. haha.

  2. When I think of C&CC, I think of Fresh & Timely posts, accessible written voice, and an engaged-with-readers writer.

    And when I think of you, I just think WOWZERS.

  3. Three words that pop into my mind when I think of C&CC (and you):

    NERD - for obvious reasons ;)
    INSPIRATION - you inspire me to think creatively, to be proud of being in a community of nerddom, and to be a better blogger (which I am failing at miserably, haha)
    COLOR - haha, this is weird, but I think you have a keen eye for pretty colors and color combos, both in your blog themes and in art you tend to feature.

  4. Oh my goodness, thank you! :D You are the sweetest. These are such wonderful compliments that I will treasure. <3

    And don't get down on yourself about blogging. I'm failing pretty hardcore at the part of it that is making an effort to visit and comment on other blogs. :P

  5. Thanks! Those are great things, and very helpful. :D

  6. Things I think of when I think of this blog or you....
    1. Creativity :: in your obvious craftiness, in your blog posts, the way you decorate, the way you dress, etc.
    2. Nerdiness
    3. Dedication :: both in your bloggy life and your personal life.
    4. Nail polish ;)