March 26, 2013

obsessed.: Nails Inc. Hampstead Gardens

I go through phases with makeup—one month I'll wear eyeshadow every day and paint my nails a couple of times a week. Other months (most months, if I'm totally honest), I'll have bare nails and stick with my mascara-only routine. But I do have certain tried-and-true colors/brands that I will go to frequently when I am feeling the need to spice things up a little. (For eyes, it's Urban Decay's Naked and Naked 2 palettes. I was told ages ago that brown shadows make green eyes stand out, and I've rarely used any other color since.)

Lately, for my nails, I've been loving a—to be totally honest—kind of ugly color: Nails Inc.'s Hampstead Gardens.

The color is supposed to be a mustard, but it reads more like something you'd see—and excuse me for getting graphic—at the bottom of a diaper. But every time I've gone to paint my nails in the past few months, I've gravitated toward it. I especially like it with a pop of gold glitter on the ring finger, like so:

(On my ring finger: China Glaze's Ultamate Holiday with Sally Girl's Later on top.) I'm not typically a gold and jewel tone kind of girl, so it's funny to me that I've been loving this combination so much. It's very "autumnal, too, which isn't quite appropriate for this time of year, but I've never been a stickler for any sort of "no wearing white after Labor Day" kind of ridiculousness.

The polish is currently on sale online at Sephora for only $5 if you're so inclined.


  1. Oy! You have really pretty, long fingers. Also, may I say that I just loveloveLOVE gold? It's true.

  2. haha bottom of a diaper, how funny, it doesn't look like it on your nails though luckily, I like it!

    my current makeup phase is lip stains, I never used to wear anything on my lips before, but I'm really enjoying a bit of colour on them.

  3. Thanks! And I've not tried lip stains. I'm pretty much always a natural lip (+chapstick) or gloss kind of girl. I've never been able to handle lipstick at all.

  4. Aw, thank you! I often think that I have Truckasaurus hands, so that is totally sweet of you to say. And for most of my 29+ years, I've been a silver or nothing kind of girl, but as I mellow I'm beginning to like gold better. ;)

  5. Weird, but I actually love that color! And I love the gold with it. Over the last few years my fondness for gold has grown and grown. I used to be the same way, silver or nothing. This makes me want to paint my nails, I feel like they have been naked forever!

  6. Thanks, Jen! And I need to paint mine again, too. They're just really nice at the moment, and that's rare!